Tamil Nadu Government increased MSP for paddy crops


Who: Tamil Nadu government
What: Increased MSP for paddy crops
When: 30 September 2015

The Tamil Nadu government on 30 September 2015 increased the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for the paddy crops for the kharif season. The decision to increase the price was taken by Chief Minister J Jayalalitha.

Recently, the Union Government had fixed Minimum Support Price (MSP) for fine quality paddy and the common variety at 1450 and 1410 rupees per quintal respectively.
But, considering the welfare of farmers, the state government decided to provide additional 70 rupees for the fine quality paddy and procured it at 1520 rupees per quintal.

Similarly, an additional 50 rupees will be provided to the MSP of 1410 rupees for the common variety to procure paddy from farmers at 1460 rupees per quintal.

The revised MSP will come into effect from 1 October 2015 in the state.