Syria approved humanitarian access to besieged areas: UN


Who: Humanitarian access to besieged areas
Where: Syria
What: Approved
When: 16 February 2016

United Nations on 16 February 2016 said that the Syrian government has approved humanitarian access to seven besieged areas. According to the UN, almost half a million people live in besieged areas.

The seven areas are those deemed by the 17-member International Syria Support Group to be most in need of relief. These seven areas are
• Deir el-Zour, a city in the east under siege from so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)
• Foah and Kefraya, in northern Idlib province that is besieged by rebels
• Madaya, Kafr Batna, Muadhamiya, and Zabadani, all in rural Damascus area that is under siege from government forces

The move comes following the agreement reached between the world powers in second week of February 2016 that sought a nationwide cessation of hostilities and to accelerate and expand aid deliveries.