South Korea’s Parliament adopted a resolution denouncing DPRK’s fourth nuclear test


Who: Resolution denouncing DPRK’s fourth nuclear test
What: Adopted at South Korea’s Parliament
When: 8 December 2016

South Korea’s Parliament on 8 January 2016 adopted a resolution, denouncing the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)’s fourth nuclear test, urging the DPRK to dismantle its nuclear programme.

The resolution passed at the National Assembly in Seoul, South Korea was unanimously through the National Assembly two days after Pyongyang announced its first successful test of a hydrogen bomb.

In the resolution, the South Korean lawmakers urged Pyongyang to scrap all plans relevant to nuclear development, saying that its reckless acts would further isolate itself from the international society and increase pressures and ostracism.

They also asked DPRK to scrap all its nuclear programmes, including nuclear materials and facilities.

The resolution denounced the DPRK’s nuclear test as a serious provocative act threatening the lives and safety of South Koreans and the peace in Northeast Asia and the world.