Smita Patil: A Brief Incandescence by Maithili Rao launched


Who: Smita Patil: A Brief Incandescence by Maithili Rao
What: Launched
When: 18 October 2015

Smita Patil: A Brief Incandescence: Maithili Rao

The book titled Smita Patil: A Brief Incandescence authored by Maithili Rao was launched on 18 October 2015.

The book, which was launched on Smita Patil’s 60th birth anniversary, acquaints the readers with a remarkable journey of the short-lived actress. It traces the journey of the actress from her childhood to stardom. The book shows glimpses of Patil’s controversial marriage and untimely tragic death.

The book also throws light on Patil’s several unfortunate forays into mainstream commercial cinema.

In addition, the book offers a sharp analysis of some best movies of the New Indian Cinema, including Bhumika, Mandi, Manthan, Umbartha,Bhavni Bhavai, Akaler Sandhane, Chakra, Chidambaram, Mirch Masala.

About New India Cinema Movement

New India Cinema movement or Parallel Cinema began with the production of Mrinal Sen’s Bhuvan Shome in 1969 and Uski Roti. The movement highlighted the cinemas of social significance and artistic sincerity, presenting a modern, humanistic perspective in contrast with the fantasy world of the popular cinema.

Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak and Mrinal Sen were the pioneers of this movement which was characterized by significant themes and innovative treatment.