Set up committee on living conditions of nurses in private establishments: Supreme Court


Who: Committee on living conditions of nurses in private establishments
What: Supreme Court directed the government to set up
When: 29 January 2016

The Supreme Court (SC) on 29 January 2016 directed the Union Government to set up a committee to investigate the living conditions and salary structure of over 3 lakh nurses employed in private hospitals and nursing homes across the country.

The directive was given by a three-judge Bench headed-by Justice Anil R Dave while hearing a petition filed by the Trained Nurses Association of India.

The association contended that the nurses were underpaid and their working conditions were in clear violation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which India is a signatory.

In the directive, the court further ordered that the guidelines should be formulated within 6 months and salary structure of the nurses should be fixed based on those guidelines in every State.