Security officials in China launched Spy Hotline to report on foreign spies


Who: Spy Hotline
Where: China
What: Launched
When: 1 November 2015
Why: To report on foreign spies

Security officials in China’s north-eastern Jilin province on 1 November 2015 launched a Counter-Espionage Public Hotline to report on suspected foreign spies.

The hotline launch came following the arrest of four Japanese who were accused of spying. The hotline targets foreign organizations and individuals who conduct espionage activities or instigate and sponsor others in conducting them.

Jilin Province of China, which has a number of military installations, is a coastal province off the coast of East China Sea facing Japan with which China has a dispute over uninhabited islands. It is an important place for safeguarding China’s national security and hotline will help government combat spying in such areas.

Another Chinese Province Hainan launched a similar facility in July 2015, which has helped to crackdown on over 10 alleged espionage activities.
Espionage activities in China

Espionage activities aiming at China have increased significantly during the past few years adding that espionage has permeated not only military affairs, but also economic and political targets. Four Japanese spies were arrested in September and October 2015.

Military enthusiasts, scientific research institutes for national defence, officials and even teachers and students in colleges have been targeted by espionage groups.