Scientists of California spotted the potential Planet 9


Who: Planet 9
What: Spotted by Scientists of California
When: Published on 20 January 2016

Scientists spotted the potential planet by seeing the disturbances that it is causing in the gravitational field of the far solar system. There appears to be a great perturber upsetting the movement of other objects in that far away region.

Konstantin Batygin and Michael E. Brown, the researchers at the California Institute of Technology claimed it as a possible ninth planet and their research papers were published in The Astronomical Journalon 20 January 2016 with the title ‘Evidence for a distant Giant Planet in the Solar System.’

As for their Study, The Planet is surrounded by much brighter lights even the distant Pluto could be about 10000 times brighter. So, they opined that the planet might have made its way out to the edge of the solar system when it was thrown out there by the gravity of Jupiter orSaturn.

The only recent addition solar system was Pluto. It was found in 1930and was considered as its most distant and smallest planet for most of the 21st century, later it was controversially downgraded to just a dwarf planet and the solar system went back to having eight Planets.

The downgrading of Pluto was partly the result of work by astronomer Michael Brown, who is co-writer of the new paper. He found that Pluto was surrounded by a huge number of similarly-sized planets, and the International Astronomical Union decided that Pluto would be excluded from a new definition.

The two astronomers found the new potential Planet 9 while they were looking at those small rocks around the Pluto. They seemed to fly around on orbits that could not be happening by chance and instead were best explained by a big ninth planet sitting out there with them