Russia to launch manned moon missions by 2029


Who: Russia
What: To launch manned moon missions
When: By 2029

The Russian Federal Space Agency, commonly called as Roscosmos, on 27 October 2015 announced that it plans to launch a manned flight to the moon and the lunar landing is planned for 2029.

It also announced that the Russian scientists are working on creating a new spacecraft made of composites specifically designed for moon missions.

Vladimir Solntsev, the head of Roscosmos, made the announcement during a space technology conference in Moscow.

As per the announcement, the spaceship is expected to make its first test flight in 2021. It will dock with the International Space Station in 2023, and the spaceship will carry out its first unmanned mission to the moon in 2025.

Reportedly, Russia also plans to land the Luna 25 research vessel on the south pole of the moon to explore its internal structure and the impact of the cosmic rays and electromagnetic radiation on its surface.

About Russian Federal Space Agency

The Russian Federal Space Agency, which is the government agency responsible for the Russian space science program and general aerospace research, was established on 25 February 1992. The agency was previously known as the Russian Aviation and Space Agency.

The agency has its headquarter located in the capital city Moscow, while the Main Mission Control space flight operations centre is located in Korolev.

In 2015, the Russian Government announced that it was merging Roscosmos with the United Rocket and Space Corporation, the re-nationalised Russian space industry to create the Roscosmos State Corporation.