Ruling Social Democratic Party-led coalition won Portuguese general election


Who: Social Democratic Party-led coalition
Where: Portugal
What: Won general election to parliament
When: 4 October 2015

Ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD)-led coalition on 4 October 2015 won general election to the Portuguese parliament-Assembly of Republic.

Out of the total votes polled, the PSD and the CDS – People’s Party coalition secured 37 percent votes out of which the share of the PSD is just over 32 percent.

With this win, incumbent Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho is set to hold the post for next four years.

The present performance of the coalition is dismal compared to the absolute majority it obtained in the 2011 general election.

Still, the faith in the Pedro Passos Coelho-led government is expected to help the country in overcoming the challenges to the economy.

At present, Portugal is suffering from unemployment at the rate of 12 percent of the workforce and 125 percent debt to GDP – the second highest rate in the European Union next only to Greece.