Renowned Egyptian writer Gamal al-Ghitani died


Who: Egyptian writer Gamal al-Ghitani
Where: Cairo, Egypt
What: Died
When: 18 October 2015

Renowned Egyptian novelist and journalist Gamal al-Ghitani died on 18 October 2015 in Cairo, Egypt. He was 70.

Al-Ghitani was born on 9 May 1945 in Gihena, Egypt. He began writing at a young age. His first short story was published when he was only 14.

For critically commenting on the regime of Gamal Abd el-Nasser, the second President of Egypt, Al-Ghitani even faced imprisonment from October 1966 through March 1967.

Al-Ghitani also worked as a journalist for the Egyptian newspaperAkhbar El Yom (The Day’s News) in 1969. He was also the editor-in-chief of the literary periodical Akhbar Al-Adab (Cultural News) from 1993 to 2011.

He was awarded with the Egyptian National Prize for Literature in 1980. In 2005, he won a French Award for translated literature Laure Bataillon, one of the highest French awards to be conferred upon non-French writers.

Some of his most famous works are Hikayat el-Gharib, Khitat al-Ghitani, Naftha Masdur, Rinn and so on.