ReNew Power commissioned 40 MW wind project in Karnataka


Who: ReNew Power Ventures Pvt Ltd
Where: Karnataka
What: Commissioned 40 MW wind project
When: 18 January 2016
Why: To Produce Clean energy

Clean energy firm ReNew Power Ventures on 18 January 2016 announced the commissioning of 40 megawatt wind power project in Karnataka.

With this, the total wind capacity commissioned by ReNew Power has reached 693 megawatts and in Karnataka, it raised to 68.4 megawatts from earlier 28.4 megawatts.

It commissioned first of its kind wind project at Bhesada, Rajasthan.

It installed tallest Hybrid Towers in India for the first time with 30 meters higher than conventional towers.

A lattice / tubular tower combination of 120 meters height from S97 series of Suzlon has been set up on-shore (at Nani Ber district of Kutch, Gujarat) in the world for the first time.

It has 20 operational wind projects located in 5 States. They are:

State Number of Wind Projects Location of the Project Total Capacity of Production of Clean Energy in megawatts
Gujarat 2 Jasdan, a municipality in Rajkot district, Nani Ber district of Kutch 25.2
Karnataka 3 Chikodi in Belgaum district,

Raichur district

and Tadas in Haveri district,

 Rajasthan 5 Devgarh, Rajgarh, Bhakrani, Bhesada and Dangri villages 161
Maharashtra 9  three are in Vaspet 358.65
Madhya Pradesh  1 Mandsaur 14.4