Puducherry Lt Governor AK Singh launched MITRA app for women safety


Who: MITRA app
Where: Puducherry
What: Launched by Puducherry Lt Governor AK Singh
When: 28 January 2016
Why: For safety of women

Lt Governor of Puducherry AK Singh on 28 January 2016 launched the MITRA mobile application to ensure safety and security of women in the Union Territory. The app was launched in the presence of the Chief Minister N Rangasamy in Puducherry.

Features of MITRA app

• The Android based application can send emergency SOS messages when in danger or emergency.
• To launch the application, the person in danger need only press the power button of his/her mobile three times.
• At present, it is available only in smart phones.
• It is an initiative of the Puducherry Police and can be used with ease and without anyone noticing it.
• Though the app can be used by anyone, it will be more useful to women, children and the aged.