Prime Minister Shram Awards 2014 announced


Who: Prime Minister Shram Awards 2014
What: Announced by Union Ministry of Labour and Employment
When: 9 February 2016

Union Ministry of Labour and Employment announced the Prime Minister Shram Awards for the year 2014 on 9 February 2016.

There are nine nominations for the Shram Bhushan Award, Nineteen nominations for Shram Vir or Shram Veerangana and twenty six nominations for Shram Shree or Shram Devi Awards.

Even though, the total number of Shram Awards is 32, the number of workers receiving the awards is 54 which Included 3 women, as some of the awards have been shared by workers and/or teams of workers consisting of more than one worker. These include 36 workers from the public sector and 18 workers from the private sector.

Shram awards were set up by the Union Government in 1985 to recognize the outstanding contributions of workers in both public and private sectors.


This is the highest award (one in number) among the Shram Awards and carries a cash award of 2 lakh rupees with a Sanad. For the year 2014, this prestigious award was not awarded to any one as screening committee did not consider any nominee eligible for the award.


Total number of these awardees is nine. It carries a cash award of one lakh rupees and a Sanad. Nine nominations were found suitable for the award for the year 2014 in respect of Public Sector Undertaking and Private Sector.

And Shram Veer/Veerangana awards carry a cash prize of 60000 rupees and a Sanad. Shram Shree/Devi Awards comprise of a cash prize of 40000 rupees and a Sanad.