Polish film director Andrzej Zulawski passed away


Polish film director Andrzej Zulawski passed away on 17 February 2016 in Warsaw, Poland after a long struggle with cancer. He was 75. Zulawski was known for an idiosyncratic approach to storytelling and blending surrealism, horror and psychic excess in the emotionally savage films like That Most Important Thing: Love, Possession and My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days. He often went against mainstream commercialism in his films, and enjoyed success mostly with European art-house audiences. That Most Important Thing: Love in 1975, he returned to Poland where he spent two years making On the Silver Globe. The work on this film was interrupted by the Polish authorities. After that, he moved to France where he became famous for controversial and violent art-house films. Born in occupied Poland in 1940, Zulawski left for Paris at the age of five with his parents and later studied at the Sorbonne.