Pet Simulator X Merch Codes March 2022: How to Get Free Diamonds in Roblox Pet Simulator X Codes?

Pet Simulator X Merch Codes March 2022: Are you wondering about Pet Simulator X Merch Codes, where to find Pet Simulator X Codes Roblox March 2022 you are in the right place. Scroll down to know what is Pet Simulator X Codes and how to claim them. Bookmark us to get the latest game codes.  

Pet Simulator X Merch March Codes

What is Pet Simulator X Merch Codes?

Grab your Pet Simulator X Merch Codes before they expire. Are you puzzled about what is  Pet Simulator X Codes. You can claim Pet Simulator X Merch Codes by purchasing the limited edition of Cat Plush toy from the Big Games Shop. This limited edition Cat plush toy is in high demand and it can go out of stock pretty soon. Grab your Plush toy Cat from Big Games Shop to get  Pet Simulator X Codes.

Pet Simulator X Codes March 2022 – Active

Here are all the working Pet Simulator X codes that are currently available:

  • santapaws – 3 Triple Coins Boosts
  • xmas – 5,000,000 Gingerbread
  • 1Mfollowers – 5 Triple Coin Boosts
  • happyholidays – 3 Triple Coin Boosts
  • tonsofcoins – 3 Triple Coin Boosts

Pet Simulator X Codes March 2022 – Expired

  • Release – 1,000 Diamonds
  • DiscordDiamonds – 10,000 Diamonds
  • Super25k – 5,000 Diamonds
  • Lucky50k – Super Lucky Boost
  • Triple80k – Triple Coin Boost
  • Easy125k – Super Lucky Boost
  • EzDiamonds150k – 10,000 Diamonds
  • MoreCoins180k – Triple Coin Boost
  • Ultra225k – Ultra Lucky Boost
  • SuperUltra1 – Ultra Lucky Boost
  • FreeDiamonds0 – 5,000 Diamonds
  • Back2Back – 8,000 Diamonds
  • blamedavid – Triple Coin Boost
  • morecodes3 – Ultra Lucky Boost
  • big1234 – Triple Coin Boost
  • Underworld – 13,000 Diamonds
  • plaid1234 – Triple Coin Boost
  • Clouds – 2 Triple Coin Boosts
  • halfamillion – 10,000 Diamonds
  • TripleCoins999 – Triple Coin Boost
  • anothertriple – 2 Triple Coin Boosts
  • morecoins4u – 2 Triple Coin Boosts
  • 700kDiamonds – 25,000 Diamonds
  • steampunkpets – 25,000 Diamonds
  • easyboosts – Triple Coin Boost
  • halfamillion – 3 Triple Damage Boosts
  • VoiceChat – 2 Triple Coin Boosts
  • Triple800 – Triple Coin Boost
  • pumpkin333 – 20,000 Diamonds
  • sorry4thewait – Triple Coin Boost
  • bandsundrbidn – 30,000 Diamonds
  • its1million – 100,000 Diamonds
  • alienpets – 2 Ultra Lucky Boosts
  • yaydiamonds2 – 50,000 Diamonds
  • 1billion – 5 Triple Coin Boosts
  • happysaturday11 – 3 Triple Coin Boosts
  • 1mplus300k – 2 Ultra Lucky Boosts
  • im2lucky – 3 Ultra Lucky Boosts

Pet Simulator X Merch Codes December 2021 – Active

  • m2lucky — X3 Ultra Lucky Boosts! (NEW!)
  • 1mplus300k – Two ultra lucky boosts
  • happysaturday11 – Three triple coin boosts
  • yaydiamonds2 – 50k diamonds
  • alienpets  Two ultra lucky boosts
  • 1billion – Five triple count boosts
  • yaydiamonds – 50k diamonds
  • its1million – 100k diamonds

Pet Simulator X Merch Codes December 2021 – Expired

  • MoreCoins180k 
  • EzDiamonds150k 
  • Lucky50k
  • Super25k
  • Release 

When to Purchase Pet Simulator X Merch Codes?

You can purchase the Cat Plush Toy for $49.95 USD on January 5th, 2022 at 11 am CST. They were sold out in less than 2 minutes. Go grab the Cat Plush Toy to get your Pet Simulator X Merch Code. You will get an exclusive redeemable in-game merch code along with the toy. By using this code you can claim the Huge cat as your best friend in the game. There will be a unique serial number and username with the Huge Cat that remains with the Huge cat in the game. Even after trading your cat, it will still be marked with the original number and name.

Is Pet Simulator X Merch Codes Free?

Unfortunately, you cannot claim Pet Simulator X Codes for free. It is exclusively for the players who purchase the Cat plush toy from Big Games Shop. You will get the  Pet Simulator X Codes with the Cat plush Toy.  The merch code once redeemed will give you the Huge Cat pet as your Best Friend in the game. The Huge Cat has a unique enchantment. This enchantment will make the pet stronger.

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Pet Simulator X Merch Codes – FAQs

1. What is the code for the pet simulator?

You can use codes to get freebies such as Ultra Lucky Boost, Triple Coins and much more. Some of the latest active codes are given below:
halfamillion – 10,000 diamonds
Clouds –
plaid1234 – triple boost
Underworld – free diamonds.

2. How do you get Dominus huge in pet simulator for free?

Dominus is the rarest pet in the game. The chance of getting it is one in two million.

3. How do you get the giant Mortuus in pet simulator?

The only way to get Mortuus is through trading and Robux.

4. How rare is Dominus Electric?

 Dominus Electric is a 5-star rarity pet that has base stats of 1,000,000. The chance of obtaining it is 0.00035%

5. How rare is the giant penguin in pet simulator?

The chance of getting the Giant Penguin is 0.00000001%. It is the rarest pet in the game.

6. What are the chances of getting a chimera in pet simulator?

Chimera is a 4-star pet and the chance of obtaining it is 2%.

7. Who is the richest player in Roblox?

David Baszucki is the richest Roblox player in the world today.