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Last modified:2019-10-18

How to Fill PAN Card Application Form 49A and 49AA? PAN Card Form is available online in the UTI and NSDL portals that can be downloaded easily and alternatively it can also be obtained from UTI or NSDL centers at different locations. Different types of PAN Card forms and the instructions for filling PAN Card Forms are explained clearly in this article. Go through the full article to get step by step instructions on how to download PAN Card Form.

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Overview of PAN Card Form

PAN Card Form 49A and Form 49AA are available for download in the UTI and NSDL websites. One can easily download PAN forms and duly fill in to apply for a new PAN Card. PAN Card is a very essential proof of identity whose main purpose is for filing income tax returns. PAN card is nowadays required to be linked with the banks. It has become mandatory to perform bank transactions exceeding Rs.50000. So it is time to hurry up if one has not applied for PAN Card.  PAN Card must be mandatorily provided in the organizations when one joins at work for salary. People who operate business or who is starting a business or any partnership firm or trust or any association, one should apply for PAN Card for themselves and also for the firm. Different forms related to PAN can be very easily obtained either online or  through offline mode. Downloading PAN Card Forms online saves time and is very easy process.

What are Different Types of PAN Card Forms Available ?

PAN Card Forms are available online. One can download it from either UTI website or NSDL website. PAN Card Forms are downloaded in the PDF format. Applicants or the existing PAN Card holders can download PAN Card Forms and take a print out of it if needed. Alternatively they can also fill the PAN Card Forms directly online.There are different forms related to PAN Card.

  • Form 49A (To apply for new PAN for Indians/NRI)

  • Form 49AA (To apply for new PAN for Foreign Citizens)

  • Change Request Application (CSF)

  • Instructions for Form 49A

  • Instructions for Form 49AA

  • Instructions for CSF

PAN Card Form 49A

Form 49A is the form for application of new PAN card for Indian Citizens and NRI. But NRI has change their citizenship to any other country, then he/she should apply as a foreigner using the Form 49AA. It can be either obtained in the UTI centres or can be downloaded easily from the UTI website. Alternatively one can download it from the NSDL website or obtain it from the NSDL centres. Form 49A has many divisions to help the applicants to fill the form easily. Individuals, HUFs, firms or companies can use this application form to apply for new PAN Card. Details which are to be filled in the form 49A are as follows.

  • Surname,middle name,last name

  • Name on card

  • Father’s name

  • Mother’s name

  • Date of birth

  • Gender

  • Title

  • Mobile number

  • Email

  • Residential Address

  • Office Address

  • Application type

  • Source of income

  • Aadhar Card

  • Representative Details in case of NRI

  • List of documents submitted



What are the Important Points to Remember while Filling the Form 49A?

Form 49A has been divided into segments for the purpose of filling easily. Fill the details accurately for successful issue of PAN. Indians who would need to apply for a new PAN should fill the Form 49A. Certain things that one should always keep in mind while filling the Form 49A of the PAN are listed below.

  • Provide correct details in the PAN Form 49A. The information provided in the form will be saved in the central database. Give the correct mobile numbers as this will be used for checking the status of the Form 49A.

  • Fill the details in block letters to avoid unnecessary confusion. Avoid overwriting of the details. If in case there is error while filling, try to fill in the new form.

  • Fill in all the details as incomplete forms will be rejected.

  • Provide correct pincode in the address and also mention the STD code in the contact number.

  • Fill in the blanks with single character in each box. Try filling the form 49A with black ink.

  • Stick the recent passport size photograph of good clarity in the space given in the top corners of the form. Do not staple the photo.

  • Form should be filled only in English.

  • The photo affixed in the right top corner should not be signed as this will be displayed in the PAN card.

  • Photo that is fixed on the left corner of the form should have the signature or the left thumb impression on it. Ensure that the sign or the thumb impression should touch the photo as well as the form.

PAN Card Form 49AA

Form 49AA is the form which must be used by the foreign citizens. Foreigners should apply for PAN if they are doing any business in India. NRI who has secured the citizenship of other country should also apply using this Form 49AA. To apply for the new PAN or for making any changes in the PAN details, foreign citizens can use this PAN Card Form. One can download the form 49AA and fill in with all the  information accurately. Foreigners should also provide the residential address outside India. But it may attract more cost for delivery of the PAN Card. The information is same as the details pertaining to Indian Citizens except few extra details.Details which are to be furnished are listed below.

  • Surname,middle name,last name

  • Name on card

  • Father’s name

  • Mother’s name

  • Date of birth

  • Gender

  • Title

  • Mobile number

  • Email

  • Residential Address

  • Office Address

  • Source of income

  • Taxpayer identification number in their country
  • Registration of company, firms or LLP, etc.
  • KYC Details of the foreigner that includes the below
    • Marital status

    • Citizenship status

    • Occupational details

    • Gross annual income

    • Incase of public company, details of securities whether they are listed

  • Country of citizenship

  • ISD code of the country

  • Representative or agent who is introducing them

  • Passport number and their details.


How to Fill PAN Form 49AA?

Form 49AA should be filled by foreign citizens. Form 49AA requests necessary information of the foreigners. Fill the Form 49AA with accurate information. The key points one should always keep in mind while filling the form are as follow.

  • Enter the details accurately. Avoid overwriting.

  • Enter only in English language.

  • Try to fill the form in block letters and only one character in one box.

  • Provide the ISD code for the contact number and the Zip code of the country. Provide current details.

  • Area code, AO details should be given by the applicant. To know details about this, contact executive at the UTI centre.

  • Incomplete forms will be rejected. So provide all  the mandatory information.


What are the Differences Between Form 49A and Form 49AA?

PAN Card Forms are used to apply for a new PAN. Form 49A and Form 49AA are both available in the UTI and NSDL portals, where one can instantly download the forms. Though most of the details in both the forms are similar, it is completely for different persons. Form 49AA requests additional information when compared to Form 49A. Though purpose being the same, person who applies with different forms varies. Some of the differences between Form 49A and Form 49AA are given in the below table.


Form 49A

Form 49AA

It is used to apply for new PAN by Indian Citizens.

This form is used by foreign citizens to apply for a new PAN.

Companies, association of persons, trust, HUF who are incorporated in India can apply with Form 49A.

Companies incorporated outside India can apply for PAN using Form 49AA.

NRI who has Indian Citizenship can apply with Form 49A.

NRI who had changed their Indian Citizenship to any other country can use Form 49AA and is treated as a foreigner.

All basic and relevant information are to be furnished in Form 49A.

All information as in Form 49A is to be furnished and additional details like foreign residential address, citizenship details,etc are also to be furnished.

Change Request Application Form

Change Request Application is same as the Form 49A. The CSF is the change request form and can be downloaded at the UTIITSL or NSDL websites. When the PAN is applied and the PAN Card gets delivered to the applicant, the applicant must go through the PAN details immediately. If there is any spelling mistake or any error, the applicant must this submit the change request form to rectify the errors. The copies of document which supports the changes must be submitted along with the application form. In the CSF form, the PAN cardholders must choose the checkboxes of details which are to be edited. For those changes, necessary supporting documents are to be attached. One can also apply the Change Request Form if there is any mismatch in the photo of the applicant in the physical PAN Card.


Instructions for Filling PAN Card Forms

Applicants should carefully fill the PAN Card Forms. PAN Card Forms can either be filled and submitted online or it can also be done manually. It is advisable to re-check the details given before submitting PAN Card Forms. For successful verification and issue of PAN Card, one can follow the below instructions.

  • Fill the details accurately.

  • The details must be filled in block letters.

  • Overwriting must be avoided.

  • Affix two photographs of the applicant in the printed application form.

  • Proof of identity, proof of address and the proof of age must have the same name for successful application of the PAN Card.

  • The applicant must sign the form and also the photograph, but the visibility of the face must not be hidden.

  • If the thumb impression is given, then it must be left hand thumb impression across the affixed photo.

  • The title and designation must not be added in the applicant’s signature.

  • Area code, AO Type, etc. must be filled by the applicant according to the jurisdiction. This information can be obtained from the income tax department or PAN card service providers such as UTIITSL and NSDL.

PAN Card Instruction Forms

PAN card instruction forms are also available in the UTIITSL portals. Alternatively one can also obtain the instruction forms at the UTI centres. These forms guide the applicants with the necessary instructions for filling the particular form. Separate instructions are available namely Instructions for Form 49A, Instructions for Form 49AA and Instructions for Form CSF. Instruction forms are very useful. PAN Card Forms which contains the instructions helps to avoid unnecessary confusion while filling the PAN Card Forms. PAN Card Instruction Forms eliminates mistakes. This helps for easy and successful verification of PAN details. Follow the below steps to download the PAN Card Instruction forms.

  • Visit the UTI portal

  • Choose Services from the menu.

  • In the drop down list, choose PAN Card.

  • Choose “Apply PAN Card”.

  • A new page is opened, in which choose any PAN Card Form that is required from the bottom of the page.

  • Choose the Instruction forms.

  • PAN Instruction Forms gets downloaded in PDF Format, which can be printed any number of times for reference.

How to Download PAN Card Form Online through UTI Portal?

With the advancement of technology, many people are aware of how to use the internet. Easily download any PAN application form from UTI website. Application form for applying new PAN for indians, NRI, companies, firms, trust or application form for making any changes in the PAN Card details can be downloaded at the same place. The UTI and NSDL had introduced the online facility to access PAN card. PAN Card Forms can be downloaded through the UTI website by following the below steps.

  • Visit the UTI portal

  • Choose Services from the menu.

  • In the drop down list, choose PAN Card.

  • Choose “Apply PAN Card”.

  • A new page is opened, in which choose any PAN Card Form that is required from the bottom of the page.


  • Selected PAN Card Form is downloaded to the computer.

  • The form downloaded is in the pdf format. It can be duly filled in and submitted at the UTI centres.

How to Download PAN Card Form Online through NSDL Portal?

One can alternatively download the application forms from the NSDL website.  Visit the NSDL portal. Download the PAN Card Forms. PAN Card Form gets downloaded in PDF format. It can be duly filled in and submitted at the NSDL centres or UTI centres. Follow the below steps to download PAN Card Forms through NSDL website.

  • Check the NSDL website

  • Choose the “Downloads” menu.

  • In the drop down list, choose “PAN”.

  • List of PAN Card Forms are displayed, from which one can choose any to download it.

  • PAN Card forms get downloaded in PDF format.

  • Downloaded PAN Card Forms can be printed out, duly filled and submitted.

How to Obtain PAN Card Form through Offline Mode ?

Income tax department has assigned the process of issuing of the PAN Card to the UTIITSL(UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited) and NSDL(National Securities Depository Limited). One can always visit the UTI and NSDL centres in person to obtain any  PAN Card Forms . Also one can seek any guidance related to PAN Card from the executives at the Centres. Applicants can fill the PAN Card forms and submit it at the same centre along with the document copies. On submission of the PAN Card form for applying for a new PAN, one will get an acknowledge number. Acknowledge number must be kept safe for future reference and checking the PAN status. Applicants can search for the nearest UTI or NSDL centres in their respective portals. There is option at the portals to locate the branches of UTI and NSDL.  



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