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PAN Card Correction. know How to Fill PAN Card Correction Form Online, Name Correction in PAN Card

Updated: May 22,2020 17:31 IST


PAN Card Correction. know How to Fill PAN Card Correction Form Online, Name Correction in PAN Card

PAN Card Correction is possible through the online facilities provided by the UTI and NSDL. Make PAN Card Corrections easily by following the detailed PAN Card Correction Form instructions given in this article and save time. To know PAN Card Correction Charges, Name Correction in PAN Card, and necessary supporting documents, check this article. More information on different errors in PAN details and its rectification are explained in this article.

How to Make PAN Card Corrections Through UTIITSL Website?

Corrections in the PAN details can be made easily through the help of CSF application available in the UTIITSL website. Updating or Corrections through the UTI portal is very easy. One needs to submit the documents that support the changes. Follow the below steps to correct or update PAN details.

♦ Visit the UTIITSL website.
♦ Choose Services and select PAN Card.
♦ Proceed by clicking “Apply for PAN Card”.
♦ A new page is opened, where one can choose “For change/corrections in PAN Card”.
  • Choose CSF Form.

  • Enter the details of the PAN which are to be changed.

  • Provide supporting document copies.

  • On submitting the CSF form, one gets an acknowledgment number using which one can track the status of the PAN.

How to Make PAN Card Corrections Through NSDL Website?

One need not worry if you have received a new PAN Card with mistakes. The mistakes can be rectified easily by submitting an application either through the UTI website or the NSDL website. NSDL which is linked with the Income Tax Department provides features to apply for changes in their online portal. Follow the procedure given below to update PAN details or make any PAN Card Corrections through the NSDL website.

  • Visit the NSDL portal.

  • Enter the Application Status as “Changes or Corrections in existing PAN Data”.

  • Enter the details asked for. Mention the PAN number.

  • Select Submit.

  • On submitting the details, you are taken to the new page with an account or acknowledgment reference number.

  • In the new page, choose the form for making changes.

  • CSF forms are opened, in which you should provide the details which are to be updated or corrected.

  • Submit it and attach the supporting documents either online or take a printout of the form and send it to the UTI or NSDL centers along with the document copies along with the form.

  • The details provided are verified and updated.

  • New PAN with correct PAN details is sent to the applicant’s residence through the post.

How to Make PAN Card Corrections Through Offline Mode?

One who is not familiar with the internet and who does not have computer knowledge need not worry. You can always approach the nearest UTI or NSDL centres. Executives at the centres would guide you to apply for a new PAN or make changes and update the PAN details. For making changes, obtain the CSF PAN Form from the UTI Centre. Fill the application with accurate information and submit it to the centre. On submitting, one will obtain an acknowledgment receipt with acknowledging number which will be useful to track the PAN Status. One can also download CSF form from the UTIITSL or NSDL Websites.

To download the CSF Form from the UTIITSL website, follow the steps given below.

  • Visit the UTI portal. 

  • Choose Services from the menu.

  • In the drop-down list, choose PAN Card.

  • Choose “Apply for PAN Card”.

  • A new page is opened, in which choose any PAN Card Form that is required from the bottom of the page.

  • Choose CSF Form to download it to the computer.

  • The form gets downloaded is in the pdf format. It can be duly filled in and submitted at the UTI centres.

One can also download CSF Form from the NSDL website. Follow the below steps to download CSF form from NSDL portal.

  • Check the NSDL website. 

  • Choose the “Downloads” menu.

  • In the drop down list, choose “PAN”.

  • List of PAN Card Forms are displayed, from which one can choose CSF Form to download it.

  • CSF PAN Card form gets downloaded in PDF format.

  • Downloaded PAN Card Forms can be printed out, duly filled and submitted.

Different Methods of PAN Card Correction

PAN Card process is handled by many at different stages. So there are chances for the errors to occur. When the physical PAN Card is received, one need not panic seeing the errors in the PAN. It can be corrected through the online mode as well as offline mode. Necessary supporting document copies must be submitted for verification. Upon verification, the PAN details are corrected in the central database. New PAN Card with corrected information is issued with PAN number being the same. PAN Corrections can be done online as well as offline mode. The methods through which one can make PAN Card Corrections are listed below:

  • PAN Card Correction - Through UTIITSL Website (Online)

  • PAN Card Correction - Through NSDL Website (Online)

  • PAN Card Correction - Offline Mode

Change Request Application Form(CSF)

Change Request Application is the same as the Form 49A. The CSF is the change request form and can be downloaded at the UTIITSL or NSDL websites. When the PAN is applied and the PAN Card gets delivered to the applicant, the applicant must go through the PAN details immediately. If there is any spelling mistake or any error, the applicant must submit the change request form to rectify the errors. The copies of the document which supports the changes must be submitted along with the application form. In the CSF form, the PAN cardholders must choose the checkboxes of details that are to be edited. For those changes, necessary supporting documents are to be attached. One can also apply the Change Request Form if there is any mismatch in the photo of the applicant in the physical PAN Card.

What are the Corrections that can be Made in the PAN Details?

CSF PAN Card Application is submitted for making changes or updating any information in the PAN details. It is always better to have uptodate information in the proofs to be used for any purpose. Also when there are any errors in the PAN details, it can be rectified by submitting the CSF application form. The following are some of the corrections to be made in the PAN when there is any mismatch of information.

Name Correction

There are chances for any spelling errors when the printed PAN Card is received. One may modify the errors by sending the PAN application again by filling in the correct spelling. The applicant must also submit a copy of the correct document supporting the name correction. The new PAN is obtained after all the verification is done.

Address Correction

One can also apply for the change in the address if there are any mistakes in the address or when the existing cardholder shifts to the new place. During shifting to a new place, one must update the current details by submitting the CSF PAN Card Application. A proper supporting document copy must be submitted along with the application form.

Date of Birth Correction

There are chances for mistakes in the PAN details because the issue of PAN Card involves many stages of processing. So if there is any mistake in the date of birth, one can apply for the change using the CSF form. Any document supporting the date of birth of the applicant must also be submitted.

Apart from the above corrections, various other changes can be updated. They are listed below.

  • Signature mismatch

  • Photo mismatch

  • Updating Aadhar Card

  • Telephone number

What are Documents Required for PAN Card Correction?

The documents which support the change are to be submitted along with the CSF form. Documents that are to be submitted for changes may vary from person to person. Document copy must be either attached to the online PAN application or physical document copy must be submitted along with the application form. Different supporting documents for different persons are provided below:

  • Indian individuals and Hindu Undivided Families must submit a government-approved identity proof like driving license or Aadhar card, address proof like EB bills, and proof of age like Aadhar, etc.

  • NRI must submit the residential address, also details of the introducer in India. The NRI must also provide the proof which is sealed by Embassy or Indian High Commission.

  • Foreigners must provide their passport number, citizenship identification number at the time of application of the PAN card.

  • Companies must provide the documents which quote the date of incorporation and address proof.

PAN Card Change Request and Supporting Documents

For the changes to be made in the PAN card details, one has to submit the necessary documents which have the correct information. For different changes, the following documents are to be submitted.

  • Change in the name – Name change certificate in official gazette is to be submitted. In case of a change of name in females due to marriage, the marriage certificate can be produced.

  • Change in date of birth – ID Proof with the correct date of birth. Proof-like Aadhar Card, birth certificate, etc can be used for this purpose.

  • Change in the name of the firm – The certificate from the Registrar of Companies is to be submitted.

  • Change in the partnership firm – Updated Partnership deed must be produced.

What is the PAN Card Correction and Update of Information?

PAN Card Correction

After the application of a new PAN card is completed, the information provided is verified and the physical PAN card is sent to the applicant’s residential address. On receiving the PAN card, one should necessarily check the details printed in the PAN. Sometimes, there may be any spelling errors or any change of dates, etc. These changes must be immediately applied for modifications for future use.

Update of Information

The need for an update of information in the PAN card arises due to various life changes. Sometimes one person may need to change their names through the gazette due to marriage. In such a case, it must also be changed in the PAN card. One’s residential address may be changed frequently and this information must be updated in the central database. These updates of information can be done through the CSF application form provided by the UTI or NSDL.

How to Fill the PAN Card Correction Form?

One should fill the PAN CSF form with accurate details. Recheck the application before submitting to avoid unnecessary expenses which will be incurred every time to make the correction. One can also download the PAN Instructions Forms from the UTI website and go through it once before filling the CSF form. Below given are the do’s and don’ts while filling the PAN application form.

  • Fill the application form in block letters.

  • Do not overwrite any information.

  • Do mention the PAN number.

  • Fill in the form with accurate details.

  • Do not add titles like Mr, Mrs, etc.

  • Don’t add any abbreviations along with the name.

  • Contact numbers must be provided along with the code number.

How to Track PAN Card Correction Application Status?

Once the CSF application is submitted, PAN Card Correction Status can be checked through the online mode. One can check the PAN Card Correction through UTIITSL or NSDL websites. The procedure is the same as the procedure for checking the status of the new PAN. Keep the acknowledgment number handy to check the PAN application status. Follow the steps listed below to track the PAN Card Application Status.

  • Visit the UTI portal.

  • Enter the Application Coupon Number or the PAN number.

  • Enter the captcha code.

  • Enter “Submit” to check the PAN Status.

  • The details are processed and the PAN Status is displayed.

PAN Card Correction Charges

PAN Card correction form  which is also known as the CSF Form can be submitted for the purpose of rectifying the error. Once the information is verified, the new PAN card with the updated information is sent to the applicant’s residence. A new PAN Card is issued with the same PAN number. Only the PAN Details get changes and PAN Number remains the same.  Charges for PAN Card Correction are Rs.110 for Indian Citizens and Rs.1020 for the NRI plus taxes. The charges for PAN Card Correction is same as the charges incurred for applying a new PAN. While submitting the form online, one is taken through the online payment gateway to pay the PAN card correction charges. One can either pay the charges through Net banking feature or Credit Card or Debit Card.

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Pan Card Correction - FAQ


When should I submit the application in the form Request for New PAN Card or/and Changes or Correction in PAN data?

You can submit the application in the form "Request for New PAN Card Or/and Changes or Correction in PAN data" in the following cases:

  • If you already have PAN but wish for a new PAN card, 
  • If you want to make any corrections or improvements to your current PAN info

Are there any charges for the form Request for New PAN Card Or/and Changes or Correction in PAN data?

The form can be openly accessed from the Website of NSDL e-Gov-TIN. It also comes with the TIN-FCs     


What should I do if there are any changes or correction in PAN data?

The claimant will fill in all columns of the form and check the box(s) on the left margin of the relevant element where the change/correction is to be made.


What are the documents required to be furnished while submitting the form?

Following documents are required to be submitted along with the form:

  • Proof of PAN (the one currently in use - mentioned at the top of the application) if available;
  • Proof of Identity;
  • Proof of Address;
  • Proof of Date of Birth (for Individual and Karta of HUF)
  • Proof in support of changes sought*, if any;
  • Proof of PAN(s) surrendered if any;

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