National Bravery Awards 2015 presented to 25 Children


Who: National Bravery Awards 2015
What: Presented to 25 Children
When: 24 January 2016
Why: For performing outstanding deeds of bravery

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 24 January 2016 presented the National Bravery Awards to 25 children.

This award scheme was initiated by the Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW) to give due recognition to the children who distinguish themselves by performing outstanding deeds of bravery and meritorious service and to inspire other children to emulate their examples.

It was in 1957 that two children, a boy and a girl were first rewarded for their presence of mind and courage by then Prime Minister Nehru. Since then ICCW confers these awards on children every year.

In 1987-88 ICCW instituted the Bharat Award for an exceptionally outstanding, meritorious and gallant deed. The other special awards include the Geeta Chopra and Sanjay Chopra awards (instituted by ICCW in 1978) and the BapuGaidhani Awards (instituted in 1988-89).

The selection of the awards is made by a high powered Committee constituted by ICCW comprising representatives from various Government Departments, some NGOs and Office-Bearers and members of ICCW.

The awards are presented by the Prime Minister of India prior to Republic Day and the children then participate in the Republic Day Parade.