MP Government proposed 1656 crore rupees AMRUT Action Plan


Who: MP Government
What: Proposed 1656 crore rupees AMRUT Action Plan
When: 5 November 2015

The Madhya Pradesh (MP) Government on 5 November 2015 proposed to improve basic infrastructure relating to water supply, sewerage network services, storm water drainage, urban transport and parks and green services.

The plans were proposed for 32 cities and towns under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) during 2015-16 at a cost of 1656 crore rupees.

The State Annual Action Plan (SAAP) was submitted by the State Government to the Union Ministry of Urban Development. SAAP was formulated based on Service Level Improvement Plans for each of the 32 mission cities.

Key proposals under Action Plan

Out of the proposed investment of 1656 crore rupees, the Union Government will invest 672 crore rupees while the state government will contribute 756 crore rupees. The remaining 228 crore rupees will be met from the resources of respective urban local bodies.

Cost of water supply projects will be 582 crore rupees.

Sewerage projects will ask for the investment of 926 crore rupees.

36 crore rupees will be spent on storm water drains.

Urban transport will seek a funding of 70 crore rupees.

Cost for provision of parks and green spaces will be 41 crore rupees.

During the five year mission period of AMRUT, the state government will take up a total of 101 projects with a total investment of 8279 crore rupees.

Under the Mission, the central government will bear 50 percent of project costs in cities with a population of up to ten lakhs each and one third of project costs in mission cities with population of above ten lakhs each.

The urban local bodies with a population of over ten lakhs will bear 16.67 percent of project costs. Those with a population of less than ten lakhs will bear 10 percent of project cost. The rest will be borne by the state government.