Justin Trudeau elected as the Prime Minister of Canada


Who: Justin Trudeau
Where: Canada
What: Elected as Prime Minister of Canada
When: 19 October 2015

Canada’s Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau was on 19 October 2015 elected as the Prime Minister of Canada after his Liberal Party won 189 seats, a majority of Parliament’s 338 seats. The party needed 170 to gain a majority.

The Conservative Party was next with 97 seats, followed by the New Democratic Party at 28 seats and Bloc Quebecois with 9 seats. With this, nine-year reign of Conservative Party PM Stephen Harper and his party came to a sudden end.

Justin Trudeau at 43 years of age became the second youngest Prime Minister in Canadian history. The earlier youngest prime minister was Joe Clark, a Conservative, who took office in 1979 the day before he turned 40.

Justin Trudeau is a former school teacher and member of Parliament since 2008. He is the son of Pierre Trudeau, who led Canada for most of the next 16 years and was Prime Minister until 1984 with a short interruption and remains one of the few Canadian politicians known in America.

The victory of Justin Trudeau in the Parliamentary elections 2015 is seen as a sea of change. For many Canadians, the election became something of a referendum on Conservative Stephen Harper’s approach to government which often focused on issues important to core Conservative supporters, rather than to much of the population.

While, Trudeau, during election campaigns, became the lightning rod for the two-thirds of Canadians who have wished for leadership different than that Stephen Harper was providing.