Jioji Konrote elected as Fiji’s President


Who: Jioji Konrote
What: Elected as Fiji’s President
When: 12 October 2015

Fiji’s Parliament on 12 October 2015 elected the Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, Jioji Konrote, as the country’s next President.

Konrote, who was nominated by the ruling FijiFirst party, fetched 31 votes in the presidential election held in the parliament. On the other hand, the opposition SODELPA party’s candidate Ratu Epeli Ganilau received 14 votes.

According to the constitution of Fiji, the prime minister and leader of the opposition each submit a presidential candidate to the speaker of parliament, who then announces the nominees to MPs before parliament decides on the country’s next president with a majority vote.

Konrote, popularly known as George Konrote, is a retired major general who joined the Republic of Fiji Military Forces in 1966.