Italian film director Ettore Scola died


Who: Italian film director Ettore Scola
What: Died
When: 19 January 2016

Italian director Ettore Scola passed away on 19 January 2016 following a prolonged illness in Rome. He was 84.

As a filmmaker, he was considered to be among the last of a generation of Italian greats with a keen eye for the issues facing his country.

About Ettore Scola
• Born in Southern Italy, he directed some of the world’s greatest actors including Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, Fanny Ardant and Jack Lemmon.
• Scola started work as a screenwriter in 1953 and directed his first big film Let’s Talk About Women in 1964.
• One of his most acclaimed films was the 1977 A Special Day that was nominated for an Oscar for best foreign film. A Special Day won the Golden Globe for best foreign film in 1977.
• His several Oscar-nominated films chronicled the growing pains, class divisions and frustrated idealisms of 20th century Italy.
• While none of his films ever clinched an Oscar, however they won many awards at European film festivals such as Cannes and Berlin.
• He directed 41 films over nearly 40 years and finally took retirement in 2011.