International Indigenous Terra Madre 2015 started in Shillong


The five day-long unique event, International Indigenous Terra Madre-2015, which brings over a 100 tribes from 58 countries, kicked off on 3 November 2015 in Shillong, Meghalaya. The event will run till 7 November 2015.

The theme of the event is The Future We Want: Indigenous Perspectives and Actions.

International representatives from 14 African countries, 17 Asian countries, 8 European countries, 12 American countries and 7 Oceania countries will take part in the event.

The five-day long food fiesta is the result of collaboration between:

Slow Food
Indigenous Partnership for Agro biodiversity and Food Sovereignty
North East Slow Food and Agro Biodiversity Society (NESFAS)

To offer their tribute to ethnic tribes, the organisers re-christened the event as International Mei-Ramew, which means Mother Earth in Khasi language.

The international event will celebrate the cultural and biological diversity of indigenous communities as expressed in their songs, dance, dress, folklores and food systems that have evolved through generations of close interaction with nature.

The event will also see a series of taste workshops that will thematically focus on wild honey, edible insects, fermented foods.