INS Vajrakosh commissioned by Defence Ministry at Karwar


Who: INS Vajrakosh
Where: Karwar
What: Commissioned
When: 9 September 2015

The INS Vajrakosh was on 9 September 2015 commissioned by the Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar at Karwar, Karnataka. INS Vajrakosh is the latest establishment of the Indian Navy.

The Naval units operating out of Karwar are required to be equipped with specialised armaments and missiles. These sophisticated missiles and ammunition require special storage facility and specialised servicing facilities. INS Vajrakosh will have all the required infrastructure to meet these requirements.

The commissioning of INS Vajrakosh, the third naval establishment commissioned in Karwar, will allow the Indian Navy to further bolster the offensive and defensive capabilities of its platforms. INS Vajrakosh has some of the most significant naval assets already in service or being inducted.

About INS Vajrakosh
• Indian Naval Station (INS) Vajrakosh was constructed as the second phase of Project Seabird, which was initiated by the Centre in 1985. INS Kadamba had been the first phase commissioned earlier.
• Together with INS Kadamba 20 km away, INS Vajrakosh is now the world’s largest naval base east of the Suez Canal.
• It is spread out over 1000 acres, this naval base would be the home base for a bulk of the Indian Navy’s strength on the western coast.
• INS Vajrakosh will be the biggest missiles, ammunition and spares dump on the Western Sea Board. It will be base that will equip all warships and airplanes.

Karwar Base of Indian Navy
Karwar Base is the third naval base of Indian Navy in the Western Sea Board, the other two are Bombay, Cochin Harbours. Karwar is expected to emerge as the Indian Navy’s premier base on the Western sea board as some of the vital naval assets are planned to be based there.

The Bombay and Cochin Harbours are over-crowded with commercial traffic. It often takes hours to move in and out of these harbours. From Karwar, it takes a very short time. With this, the Karwar Base will prove to be the major advantage for the Navy.