India received first consignment of uranium from Canada


Who: First consignment of uranium from Canada
What: Recieved by India
When: 4 December 2015

India on 4 December 2015 received its first uranium consignment of about 2730 tonnes from Canada. The uranium is shipped to India for the country’s nuclear power reactors.

The consignment consists of uranium mined and milled at Cameco’s McArthur River and Key Lake operations in northern Saskatchewan.

Facts related to the shipment

The consignment was shipped by Canada’s Cameco Inc, which entered into a contract with India’s Department of Atomic Energyduring Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Ottawa in 2015.

The first consignment of uranium from Cameco arrived more than four decades after Canada protested strongly about India’s first nuclear test in 1974. Afterwards, Canada had completely banned exports of uranium and nuclear hardware to India.

About nuclear agreement between India and Canada

In April 2015, Cameco signed a uranium supply contract with India after the nuclear cooperation agreement between Canada and India came into force in September 2013.

As part of the agreement signed in April 2015, Canadian Cameco Corporation will supply 7.1 million pounds of uranium concentrate to India till 2020.

The deal is worth 350 million US dollars.