India ranked 37 in USSC’s 2016 Intellectual Property Index


Who: 2016 Intellectual Property Index
Where: Washington, DC
What: Released by the GIPC of USCC
When: 10 February 2016

India ranked 37 out of the 38 economies surveyed in the 2016 Intellectual Property Index (IPI). The index was released on 10 February 2016 by the Global Intellectual Property Centre (GIPC) of the United States Chamber of Commerce (USCC).

Out of the 38 economies surveyed, while the USA topped in terms of intellectual property protection by securing 28.61 points out of 30,Venezuela was at the bottom of the index.

The index was prepared on the basis of 6 key parameters including patents, trademarks and copy rights related rights and limitations, trade secrets, enforcement and participation in international treaties.

In the index, India secured 0.18 less than the 2015 index (7.05) due to its bar on patentability of incremental changes under Section 3(d) of the Patent Act 1970, compulsory licensing provisions and uncertainty regarding computer-related inventions (CRI).

Further, India’s non participation in the major international treaties including the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement was also a reason for its poor performance in the index.