India funded 5 million US dollars grant to Palestine as Budgetary assistance


Who: Budgetary assistance of 5 million US dollars
Where: Palestine
What: Granted by India to Palestine
When: 12 October 2015

India on 12 October 2015 granted a cheque of 5 million US dollars to the Palestinian government as a budgetary support. The grant was handed over by Indian President Pranab Mukherjee  during his visit to Palestine.

Both countries also announced five projects worth 17.79 million US dollars aimed at capacity building in the Palestinian territories. The projects include a 12 million US dollars techno park, a 4.5 million US dollars Palestine Institute for Diplomacy and a 1 million US dollars India-Palestine Centre for Excellence in Gaza.

Mukherjee also reiterated India’s support to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis based on negotiations with UN Security Council resolutions.