HeyBiz tied up with Su-Kam Power


Who: HeyBiz and Su-Kam Power
What: Tied-up
When: 9 February 2016

HeyBiz, a sales-marketing-support application for SMEs, on 9 February 2016 announced its association with Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, a power back-up solution provider. The partnership aims at digitising HeyBiz’s dealers and distributors network that will help in connecting with local customers.

Key highlights of the tie-up

The tie-up will enable HeyBiz users to chat and discuss with Su-Kam Experts or local dealers and get insight on product details, prices and dealers’ location throughout the country.

Users can also schedule a service on real time chat with ease and convenience.

HeyBiz will promote and sell Su-Kam consumer products like inverters, batteries, UPS, solar panel, power accessories to its users.

About HeyBiz

HeyBiz is a mobile application, which connects both customers and business on mobile with real time chat.

It allows the customers to enquire about services, product or support related to the business.

About Su-Kam Power Systems Limited

Su-Kam Power Systems Limited is an India-based power solutions provider which sells its products in more than 70 countries.

The company provides power back-up solutions for both domestic as well as industrial markets, and focuses on eco-friendly energy solutions like solar power.

It was founded by Kunwer Sachdev in 1988 as a cable TV company with an investment of 10000 rupees.