Green Peace India released report on National Air Quality Index of 17 cities


Who: Report on National Air Quality Index of 17 cities”
What: Released by Green Peace India
When: 15 December 2015

Green Peace India on 15 December 2015 released a report on National Air Quality Index (NAQI) of 17 cities. The report is the first analysis of air pollution levels in Indian cities carried out by Green Peace using the NAQI system.

As per the report, Delhi was listed as the most polluted city in the world, while 13 Indian cities were figured in the list of 20 most polluted cities on the planet. The 13 cities were among the 17 countries surveyed by the Green Peace.

The report is in addition to a World Health Organisation (WHO) report that estimated that outdoor air pollution caused 3.7 million deaths worldwide in 2012.

Key findings of the report

• Exposure to toxic particulate pollution (PM2.5 and PM10) is alarmingly high in most Indian cities, and National Ambient Air Quality Standards are being continuously violated.
• Pollution levels in many Indian cities, including Delhi, Ahmedabad, Varanasi, Patna, Agra and Kanpur, exceed the famously toxic levels in Beijing and other Chinese cities, over the period covered by the NAQI data (April-November 2015).
• Air pollution regularly reaches levels in Indian cities that are both an acute short-term threat to the health of residents and a major long-term health risk.
• High pollution levels are truly a subcontinent-wide problem as 17 out of top 20 cities in the list of 20 most polluted cities on the planet were from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan alone.
• With most of the pollution measured in cities typically caused by emissions from outside the city, national and regional level action is needed alongside local measures in cities.
• Tackling India’s air pollution crisis requires an ambitious and systematic national action plan with targets and timelines.
• Concrete measures should be taken up to reduce air pollution emissions from all key polluting sectors, including power generation, industry, transport and agriculture.

List of 20 most Polluted cities in World: WHO

Rank City Country PM2.5 Annual Average (µg/m3)
1 Delhi India 153
2 Patna India 149
3 Gwalior India 144
4 Raipur India 134
5 Karachi Pakistan 117
6 Peshawar Pakistan 111
7 Rawalpindi Pakistan 107
8 Khoramabad Iran 102
9 Ahmedabad India 100
10 Lucknow India 96
11 Firozabad India 96
12 Doha Qatar 93
13 Kanpur India 93
14 Amritsar India 92
15 Ludhiana India 91
16 Igdir Turkey 90
17 Narayonganj Bangladesh 89
18 Allahabad India 88
19 Agra India 88
20 Khanna India 88