Grammy-winning singer Natalie Cole passed away


Who: Natalie Cole
What: Passed away
When: 31 December 2015

Grammy-winning singer Natalie Cole passed away on 31 December 2015 due to congestive heart failure following complications from a kidney transplant in Los Angeles. She was 65.

Cole, daughter of late jazz legend Nat King Cole, was known for carving out her own success with R&B hits like Our Love and This Will Be.

About Natalie Cole
• Cole broke out into the singing world in 1975 with the hit This Will Be, which won the Grammy Award for best R&B female performance and also earned her the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.
• Her career reached the superstar level in 1991 when she recorded Unforgettable … With Love, an album of songs related to her father Nat King Cole.
• Using technology that was cutting edge at the time, studio engineers merged her voice with her father’s in the song Unforgettable, which had been a hit for him in 1951. The song earned Cole three Grammy Awards.
• She won another Grammy Award for 2008 album Still Unforgettable, which included a variety of American standards.
• Most recently, she recorded an album in Spanish, Natalie Cole in Espanol.