Government of Andhra Pradesh declared 196 mandals as drought-hit


Who: 196 mandals of AP
What: Declared as drought-hit
When: 27 October 2015
Why: Due to deficiency of rainfall

Government of Andhra Pradesh on 27 October 2015 declared 196 mandals (blocks) in seven districts as drought-hit out of the total 664 mandals spread across 13 districts of the state.

With this, Andhra Pradesh became the third state to declare drought in the country as Karnataka and Maharashtra made the announcement in this regard in August and early October 2015 respectively.

While the majority of the mandals are spread across all the four districts of Rayalaseema region namely Kadapa, Kurnool, Chittoor and Anantapur; Nellore, Prakasam and SriKakulam are the three identified districts in Coastal Andhra region.

As per an estimation of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the Rayalaseema received 36 cm rainfall as against the average of 39 cm, Coastal Andhra received 64 cm rainfall against average 58 cm between 1 June and 30 September 2015 during the southwest monsoon season.