Girls First initiative improved emotional & physical well-being of Bihar school children


Who: Girls First initiative
Where: Bihar
What: Improved emotional & physical well-being of school children
When: In news in the third week of January 2016

The Girls First initiative was in news in the third week of January 2016 as the results showed that it helped in improving emotional and physical well-being of school children in Bihar.

The initiative is a first of its kind project in the country as integrates evidence-based practices from the fields of social-emotional rearing, restorative justice, positive psychology and emotional intelligence.

Outcomes of Girls First initiative

• It is implemented by Corstone India Foundation with the support of David and Lucile Packard Foundation.
• Between 2013 and 2014, 3500 maginalized adolescent girls were served under the project.
• The initiative helped in reducing school drop outs and early marriage and improving their psychosocial health.
• As per a study, it was revealed that emotional resilience increased by 33 percent and health knowledge by 99 percent.
• While clean water behaviour was improved by 96 percent, attitudes about gender equality by improved 18 percent in the same period.
• At present, the project is scaled to serve 30000 boys and girls in 250 schools in partnership with the Bihar Education Project Council.