French intellectual Rene Girard passed away


Who: French intellectual Rene Girard
Where: United States
What: Passed away
When: 4 November 2015

French intellectual Rene Girard passed away on 4 November 2015 following a prolonged illness in the United States. He was 91. He is also known as the new Darwin.

In 2005, his election to L’academie francaise (French Academy) made him earn the name as new Darwin of the human sciencesby Michael Serres. Girard was an emeritus professor at Stanford University’s French and Italian department, where he taught for more than 30 years.

Girard authored around 30 books including Deceit, Desire and the Novel (1961), Violence and the Sacred (1972) and Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World (1978). His last major work was Achever Clausewitz (2007).

Girard was especially interested in the causes of conflict and violence and the role of imitation in human behaviour.

Girard was born in France in 1923 but later he moved to the United States in 1947.