EU approved 3.3 billion euros funding to Turkey to cope with Syrian refugee crisis


Who: 3.3 billion euros funding to Turkey
What: Will be provided by the EU to Turkey
When: Approved on 3 February 2016
Why: To cope with Syrian refugee crisis

The European Union (EU) on 3 February 2016 approved 3.3 billion Euros in funding to help Turkey cope with the issue of Syrian migrants. At present, Turkey is home to around 3 million Syrians who fled the country since the beginning of the civil war in 2011.

The funding is aimed at curbing flow of asylum seekers into the Europe by tightening its borders with Turkey.

Under the deal, the EU’s executive is contributing one billion euros to the fund, while the 28 member states will contribute the rest.

The funding is part of a deal reached in October 2015 between the EU and Turkey to stem the flow of refugees crossing into Greece on their way to northern Europe.

As per an estimate, more than a million migrants reached the EU in 2015 by sea and many of them travelled through Turkey.