Step by Step Procedure to E aadhar Card Download and Latest Updates 27 Oct 2020

Updated: Aug 30,2019 13:27 IST

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e Aadhar Card is the electronic version of the Aadhar card and has all the information same as your Aadhar. e-Aadhar is equivalent to your Aadhar Card and can be downloaded with or without the enrolment ID. e Aadhar Card Download procedures, validation process, and other details on e-Aadhar Card along with its advantages and disadvantages are given in the below content.

Overview of e-Aadhar Card

e-Aadhar is nothing but the electronic version of Aadhar card. The electronic version of your Aadhar is made online by UIDAI for easy and instant access. The electronic copy is password protected and it is also digitally signed by the competent authority of the UIDAI. All the information in your Aadhar Card will be displayed in your e-Aadhar Card.
In today's scenario, every single person carries a smartphone. So its a smarter choice to have e-Aadhar which comes handy. It is easy to carry around with no fear of losing. The cardholder can download the e-Aadhar Card from the UIDAI site. Get a complete outline of what an e-Aadhar is and make the maximum use of it.

What is e-Aadhar Card Download and its Methods?

e-Aadhar Card Download can be done once the Aadhar card is generated. After the enrolment process and only after the verification is over, Aadhar card will be generated. Once the Aadhar card is generated the applicant can download the e-Aadhar even before receiving the physical Aadhar Card. For availing services before obtaining the physical Aadhar card, e-Aadhar Card can be used. e-Aadhar is not an alternative or a substitute of Aadhar, but just same as Aadhar both by functions and information given. Once the Aadhar card is generated, it takes around 90 days for the Aadhar card to reach you. In cases where Aadhar card is needed, e-Aadhar comes in hand. The applicant can check the status of their Aadhar and if the status notifies Aadhar has been generated he/she can download the electronic form of it i.e., e-Aadhar. One can also have or carry the e-Aadhar as proof even after receiving the Aadhar Card.
e-Aadhar can be easily downloaded from UIDAI’s official website in two ways

  • Using their Enrolment ID (before receiving the Aadhar Number)
  • Using their Aadhar Number

How to Download e-Aadhar Card Using Enrolment ID?

The applicant can download the e-Aadhar once the Aadhar is generated, and before receiving the physical Aadhar, using the Enrolment ID. Enrolment ID is 28 digit ID which combines a set of number and date and time of enrolment. One can find the Enrolment ID in the acknowledgement receipt provided at the time of applying for Aadhar at the enrolment centre. Follow the below steps to download the e-Aadhar Card.

  • Choose the Enrolment ID and give the details.
  • Enter the other necessary details like name as in Aadhar, pin code, and captcha security code.
  • Choose the option “Send OTP” to get the OTP on the registered mobile number.
  • Type the received OTP on the space provided and then select “Download Aadhar”.

How to Download e-Aadhar Card Using Aadhar Number?

One can use the electronic form of Aadhar (e-Aadhar) as proof of identity in place of security checks and many other places even after he/she receives the physical Aadhar Card. e-Aadhar can be download using Aadhar number and check the points given below for easy download. Even after the e-Aadhar Card Download can be performed if the applicant has the Aadhar number. Follow the below steps to download the e-Aadhar using the Aadhar number.

  • Visit UIDAI official website and choose the option “Download Aadhar” [or] Visit directly to the e-Aadhar website.
  • Choose the Aadhar number option and give the details.
  • Enter details such as name as in Aadhar, pin code and captcha security code.
  • Choose the option “Send OTP” to get the OTP on the registered mobile number.
  • Type the received OTP on the space provided and then select “Download Aadhar”.

How to Download e-Aadhar Card Without Enrolment ID and Aadhar Number?

e-Aadhar Card Download can be done even if the applicant does not have both Enrolment ID and Aadhar Number. He/she can retrieve it using the “Retrieve UID/EID” option from the Aadhar online services. Once the Aadhar number or Enrolment ID (EID) is retrieved, the applicant can continue with the process of e-Aadhar download. To retrieve UID/EID easily through the step-step procedure, click on the links given below.

  • For more detailed information on how to retrieve the UID or EID, check Aadhar Card Download.
  • For downloading e-Aadhar, the applicant needs to check the Aadhar status online. For more details regarding how to check Aadhar Status, check Aadhar Card Status.

What is the Procedure to Open Downloaded e-Aadhar?

The e-Aadhar will be downloaded to the user’s computer in the PDF format. The downloaded pdf file is password protected for security reasons. The password for the downloaded e-Aadhar is the first 4 letters of the applicant’s name in capital letters and year of birth. On entering the correct password, e-Aadhar gets opened. It contains all the details as in the physical Aadhar. One can use the downloaded e-Aadhar as identity proof as well as the address proof. e-Aadhar can be utilised in all places where Aadhar is applicable. e-Aadhar is more convenient and helpful for the people.

How to Validate e-Aadhar Card with Digital Signature?

The e-Aadhar to be used for banking purposes and other government purposes, it should have a valid signature by the respective authority. UIDAI has given a online feature to validate the downloaded e-Aadhar. It is a very simple procedure. To validate the e-Aadhar, follow the below steps.

  • In the downloaded e-Aadhar, right click on the validity unknown icon.

  • Click on “Validate Signature
  • Signature validation status window is opened. Click on “Signature Properties
  • Click on “Show Certificate
  • A certification with the name “NIC sub-CA for NIC 2011, National Informatics Center” would be displayed and it is a trusted identity where the documents are validated automatically with a digital signature from CCA.

  • Mark the certification path and click “Trust” tab and then “Add to Trusted Identities”.
  • Press “OK” for the security questions.
  • Tick the option “Use this certificate as a trusted root” and click “OK” twice to close the present and the following window.
  • Click “Validate Signature” to validate the document.

What are the Details Provided in e-Aadhar Card?

The e-Aadhar which is just like the twin of the Aadhar card with an only difference that it is an electronic version has all the details as available in the real physical Aadhar card. e-Aadhar also contains the biometric information like photo of the cardholder as in Aadhar Card. VID which is known as the Virtual ID number is also present in the e-Aadhar. The details in the e-Aadhar are listed below.

  • Name of the applicant
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Aadhar number
  • Biometric information
  • Virtual ID

What are the Advantages of the e-Aadhar Card?

e-Aadhar is an unique identification provided to all the residents of India. Applying for an Aadhar is a voluntary process. But nowadays it has become mandatory, as Aadhar is required is asked for in all places. Keeping the physical Aadhar card may tend to damage or being lost, so it is always advisable to use e-Aadhar. e-Aadhar can be downloaded any number of times. Advantages of e-Aadhar are listed below.

  • e-Aadhar's main use is that it is readily available anywhere and at any time. e-Aadhar Card is so handy and easily available online
  • The cardholder if he/she forgets to take the physical Aadhar with them or has lost the card, they need not worry about anything. They can just easily log in to the UIDAI website and download their e-Aadhar
  • e-Aadhar card can be used for all purpose like bank account opening and transactions, availing LPG subsidies, insurance services, income tax filing, telecom services and much more.

More Details on e-Aadhar

The UIDAI has allowed the applicants to download the e-Aadhar from their database at any time and any number of times. It is free of cost and a self-service online procedure. If the applicant needs the Aadhar card for any purpose but has not yet received the physical document through the postal service, he/she can download their e-Aadhar from the UIDAI website after the Aadhar number is generated. This e-Aadhar is equally valid as the physical document Aadhar card and can be used for all purposes because it wears the valid signature provided by the UIDAI authority.

India being a developing country and is fast heading towards the world of digitalization, mostly each and everything is being digitized. e-Commerce has brought a great change not only in the lifestyle of the people but also in their needs and thinking. This also brings the introduction to the digitization of documents. Nowadays, the Government has made it simpler for the people to have mostly all government documents online or downloaded immediately whenever needed.

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