Chettinad cotton saree won India Handloom tag


Who: Chettinad cotton saree
What: Won India Handloom tag
When: First week on February 2016

The Chettinad cotton saree in the first week on February 2016 won the India Handloom tag for its unique designs and identity.

The Textiles Committee, Union Ministry of Handlooms and Textiles, Mumbai, registered the Chettinad cotton saree under the India Handloom Brand Scheme after checking various quality parameters stipulated by the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

The Ministry authorised the Amarar Rajiv Gandhi Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society, which produced the sarees, to use the brand and logo for marketing the product.

About Chettinad saree

The Chettinad cotton saree, also known as kandaangi, is unique in the dramatic and spontaneous use of colour and pattern with bold checks, stripes and contrasting hues.

Its vibrancy and weight are its distinguishing factors.

Records and old photographs show the use of saree by previous generations, before the advent of blouses and underskirts, which is worn rather differently from the regular sari.

About India Handloom Brand Scheme

India Handloom Brand is an endorsement to quality of the handloom products in terms of raw material, processing, embellishments, weaving design and other parameters besides social and environmental compliances for earning the trust of the consumers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the India Handloom Brand at Chennai on 7 August 2015 as part of the First ever National Handloom Day celebrations.