British-born author Jackie Collins died


British born author Jackie Collins died

Who: Jackie Collins
What: Died
When: 19 September 2015

ackie Collins, the best-selling British-born author, died on 19 September 2015 in Los Angeles following breast cancer. She was 77.

She was known for her vibrant novels about the extravagance and glamour of life in Hollywood. She wrote more than 30 books, many of them filled with explicit, unrestrained sexuality and sold more than 500 million copies worldwide.

Her first novel The World Is Full of Married Men was published in 1968. Though, Australia and South Africa banned the release of this book because of its frank depiction of extramarital sex. Her other earlier works included The Stud in 1969 and Rock Star in 1988.

Many of her novels became fodder for movies and television miniseries. In 2001, she published Hollywood Wives: The New Generation which was made into a TV movie starring Farrah Fawcett, Robin Givens, Jack Scalia and Melissa Gilbert.

Her latest novel The Santangelos was published in June 2015