Bharat Petroleum commissioned Crude Distillation unit in Mumbai


Who: Bharat Petroleum
Where: Mumbai
What: Commissioned Crude Distillation unit
When: 28 December 2015

Bharat Petroleum on 28 December 2015 commissioned a new 6-million tonne Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) at its Mumbai refinery, which will take the capacity of its oldest facility to 12 million tonne per annum.

The new state of the art CDU that came at a cost of 1419 crore rupees is a replacement of old Crude and Vacuum units of the refinery.

Features of new 6-million tonne crude distillation unit

The commissioning of the new CDU will ensure cleaner environment and efficient use of energy with lower emissions and reduction in energy consumption.

The sulphur dioxide emission from the new unit will be less than 10.5 mt/d – the lowest in the country amongst all the refineries.

Tightly heat integrated with furnaces of higher efficiency, the reduction in energy consumption in terms of Liquid Fuel Equivalent (LFE) is expected to be about 30 percent which results into estimated savings of 128 crore rupees per annum on fuel consumption.

The integral part of the new CDU is its superior design and safety features. This has resulted in significantly lesser number of equipments as compared to older units and facilitates better turnaround management during shutdown and routine maintenance.

The unit is designed with the latest safety features like blast-proof control room and closed drainage system. It makes it an efficient, intrinsically safe and sustainable unit, with higher distillate yield of 3 percent and thus contributing to higher refining margins.

The stabilization of the unit will help in dismantling the old 1955 CDU units, thereby creating space for refinery modernization to meet future auto fuel norms and other profitability enhancing projects.