Bengaluru startup makes smart electric scooter


The central point about Ather Energy’s electric scooter is that it is smart, which means the more you use it, the better it will know you. Sign into the scooter, and it will be able to tell if your riding habits need improving. It will help you negotiate the traffic on your daily route. While more established vehicle makers such as Mahindra Group, too, are rolling out battery-operated two-wheelers, Ather Energy, which unveiled the S340 on Tuesday in Bengaluru, is trying to build an ec .. Connected through an app, the dashboard lets driver sync navigation. It has a top speed of 72 kmph and charges up to 80% within 50 minutes. Ather Energy was founded in 2013 by IIT-Madras alumni Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain.