Assam Government hiked daily minimum wages of workers in various sectors


Who: Assam government
What: Hiked daily minimum wages of workers
When: 3 November 2015

Assam government on 3 November 2015 hiked the daily minimum wages of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers in various sectors. The state government also introduced a new segment of highly-skilled workers who will be eligible for a minimum daily wage of 450 rupees.

The daily minimum wage of skilled workers has been hiked from 208 rupees to 350 rupees. The wage of semi-skilled workers has been hiked from 150 rupees to 280 rupees and that of unskilled workers from 130 rupees to 240 rupees.

The notification also entitles employees and workers to avail variable dearness allowance of 100 percent over the rise and fall of index point in All India Consumer Price Index.

The hike will be applicable for the employees and workers engaged in various employments like bakery, industry, carpentry, earth-filling, LPG distribution, petrol pumps, hotels, restaurants, etc.