AP Government launched Giriputrika Kalyana Pathakam Scheme for tribal people


Who: Giriputrika Kalyana Pathakam Scheme
Where: Andhra Pradesh
What: Launched by AP Government
When: 22 January 2016

The Andhra Pradesh Government on 22 January 2016 launched Giriputrika Kalyana Pathakam Scheme to support the tribal women in their quest for livelihood.

The scheme was launched by Andhra Pradesh Minister for Social Welfare Ravela Kishore Babu.

Highlights of the scheme
• The scheme seeks to reduce rampant infant mortality and child marriages among tribal people.
• It is designed to provide a onetime financial assistance of 50000 rupees to each tribal woman who gets married.
• The amount will be directly disbursed to the bank accounts of the beneficiary through District Tribal Welfare Office.
• To avail the benefits of this scheme, each beneficiary would have to fulfil some mandatory conditions like submission of marriage certificate, income certificate, etc.
• The scheme is envisaged to provide nutritional food to infants till the age of seven years.