Aadhar Card verification - How to Verify Aadhaar Card Online through OTP at

Updated: May 22,2020 18:08 IST

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Aadhar Card verification - How to Verify Aadhaar Card Online through OTP at

Aadhar Card verification - Know Complete Details about How to Verify Aadhaar Card Online through OTP at Udai.gov.in. Aadhar Card Verification or Aadhaar Verification is done to check if your Aadhar Card is still valid or deactivated and Aadhar Card Verification will help you to know if the information given during enrollment or after any update is correct. Guidelines on how to verify your Aadhar and the need of Aadhar Card Verification is given in the below content.

How to Verify Aadhar Card through Online Mode?

UIDAI has set up an official website for the people to verify the Aadhar Card details and also to check its existence. The cardholder can follow the Aadhar Card Verification process through online mode. Aadhar card verification can be done within a few minutes to keep your details accurate in the unique identity proof. Keeping Aadhar details updated and accurate is very important, as Aadhar is been asked mostly while doing all-important activities like banking, tax filing, obtaining a gas connection or sim card, purchase or sale of a property, joining for a job and more. Follow the below steps to verify Aadhar Card.

Step 1. Open the UIDAI official website.

Step 2. Under the Aadhar services menu, choose the “Verify Aadhar Number” option.

Step 3. In the Aadhar number verification page, enter the Aadhar number, security code and press “Verify”.

Step 4. This will take the applicant to the page where the Aadhar Card details will be displayed.

Step 5. If in case, the Aadhar Card does not exist, then the Aadhar details will not be displayed.

Step 6. If the Aadhar Card exists, then the Aadhar details like name, age, state, and Aadhar number is shown on the page with a green tick mark confirming that the Aadhar card status is active.

How to Verify Mobile Number that is Linked with Aadhar?

Apart from verifying your Aadhar Number and its existence, the cardholder can also verify the mobile number linked to the Aadhar Card during registration. Registered mobile number is necessary to avail Aadhar related services, so it is good to check if your mobile number and your Aadhar Number are linked correctly. Steps to verify the Mobile number are listed below.

  • Visit the UIDAI website.

  • From “Aadhar Services” click “Verify Email/Mobile Number”.

  • Fill the mandatory Fields and Security Code in the Verification page

  • Click “Get OTP”. OTP will er sent to your registered mobile number.

  • Enter OTP and click “Verify”

  • The page is redirected to Verification Completed page and the verification Status is displayed

Aadhar Card Verification

Aadhar Card Verification process can be done by mentioning the 12-digit unique Aadhar number. Aadhar Verification process can be done through the UIDAI official website. This process can be done only if the Aadhar card is already generated and issued by the UIDAI and also after the physical document is received by the applicant. When the applicant provides the personal details and the biometric details, the information gets saved in the central database. This helps people to verify their details in the future through the online facility provided by UIDAI. Aadhar Card Verification helps to ensure the accuracy of the details provided. The applicants get the chance to recheck their details which are saved with the UIDAI. One can check whether their Aadhar card is valid through Aadhar Card Verification. One can contact the customer care of the UIDAI for help when there is any mistake in their personal details and can be rectified later.

What are the Reasons for Aadhar Card Deactivation?

Aadhar card may be deactivated by the UIDAI sometimes due to various reasons. So it is always advisable to perform Aadhar Card Verification to check if your Aadhar is active. According to the news reports of the year 2017, it is noted that nearly 81 lakh Aadhar Cards has been deactivated. Aadhar Card may be deactivated by the UIDAI due to some reasons which are mentioned below.

  • Aadhar Card can be canceled if the biometric information of the applicant is not provided.

  • If the biometric exceptions of the applicant are wrongly claimed.

  • If a single individual has more than one Aadhar card.

  • If a recent photo is not taken at the enrolment centre during the enrolment process, the Aadhar card will be deactivated.

  • If no valid documentation is provided.

  • If suspicious biometric information is given

  • If there were any fraudulent practices being carried out during the enrolment process.

What is the Procedure to Re-Verify Aadhar Card when Deactivated?  

The applicant must go to the nearest enrolment center assigned by the UIDAI to once again update the personal information. Applicants must carry all their needed supporting documents. In the enrolment centre, the applicant must fill the Aadhar Update Form at a cost of Rs.25. Biometric details of the applicant are again taken at the enrolment centre for verification. The applicant must provide accurate information for the update process to be successful. A registered mobile number must be provided so that any information will be communicated through SMS. Once all the verification is completed by the respective authorities, Aadhar card gets re-activated. Upon Aadhar activation, the applicant can verify the Aadhar details through online mode.

Information Available in Completed Aadhar Verification

Once you enter the Aadhar Number, Security Code, and click “Verify,” your Aadhar is verified and the result is displayed. Results are displayed only if your Aadhar is active. Cardholders must verify the Aadhar details once it is issued. Any corrections must be updated in the central database through the online facilities rendered by UIDAI. The information displayed on the result page are listed below.

  • Your Aadhar Number Existence

  • Age Band

  • Gender

  • State

  • Mobile Number

Why do we Need to Verify Aadhar Card?

Aadhar Card Verification is a vital process to ensure its accuracy. This is because the Aadhar card is used for many important services, so it must be error-free. Also if there is any change in the personal information, the cardholder must update it in the UIDAI database. The need for Aadhar and its importance are many. Some of them are listed below.

  • Mandatorily one should link Aadhar and PAN Card for filing income tax returns. To link Aadhar and PAN, the details in the Aadhar must be verified.

  • Verify Aadhar and keep the details updated to apply and receive your passport quickly.

  • Aadhar being the unique identity proof, the authenticity of Aadhar details is essential.

  • Whether you buy a small sim card for the mobile or purchase and sell a property, one should have an Aadhar with accurate details.

  • By verifying the details in the Aadhar, you can link your Aadhar with the bank.

  • Government subsidies can be availed when you verify the Aadhar details and link it with the gas suppliers and for other services.

  • Verifying Aadhar Card helps to avoid any misuse of your Aadhar copy and can be aware that your Aadhar is valid.

Rectification of  Any Inaccurate Aadhar Details

Once the applicant receives the Aadhar card, he/she must verify their Aadhar number whether the Aadhar number exists. The cardholder must also verify the details printed in the Aadhar card. It must be exact and error-free. If in case, there are any changes, the cardholder can contact the UIDAI’s toll-free number 1947. The cardholder can also email the UIDAI help desk regarding the inaccuracy of the Aadhar details. If there are any errors in the Aadhar, the cardholder must submit the necessary supporting documents with the UIDAI for verification and to perform the changes. Aadhar Card being the unique identifier issued by the UIDAI authority and also being used for many purposes like banking transactions, insurance services, income tax filing, obtaining any telecom services, proof for availing government subsidies, for making high amount investments and much more, Aadhar details accuracy is very essential.

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Aadhar Card verification - FAQ


What is Aadhaar Authentication?

'Aadhaar Authentication' is a mechanism by which an individual's Aadhaar number and demographic details (e.g. identity, date of birth, gender, etc.) or biometric information (Fingerprint or Iris) are sent to the Central Identity Data Repository (CIDR) of UIDAI for authentication and UIDAI verifies the authenticity or failure of the information submitted on the basis of the information received.


What are the benefits of Aadhaar Verification?

Aadhaar Verification offers an easy, electronic verification method to prove the identity. So, except for the Aadhaar number one does not need to hold any other Identity evidence.


How do I request for OTP?

OTP can be demanded via an application from service providers requesting OTP authentication on a UIDAI registered mobile phone.


Will I be denied my entitlements (ration, NREGA job etc.) if my authentication request is rejected?

UIDAI and the Aadhaar authentication service providers accept that Aadhaar authentication is subject to some technical and biometric constraints such as low accuracy of fingerprints, compatibility of networks, etc. Service providers should also provide alternate methods to identify/authenticate their beneficiaries/customers, including anomaly management systems at their point of presence, and tenants should not be refused entitlements due to technical or biometric constraints.

Link Aadhar With BANK

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