Aadhar card Application. How to Apply/Register for Aadhaar Card Online

Updated: Aug 30,2019 13:29 IST

Aadhar Card Application is the primary step in the procurement of the distinctive identity Aadhaar Card. The procedure to fill in the Aadhar Card Application is given in this article and the registration Form is issued by UIDAI in both Online as well as Offline mode. Check our page for comprehensive information on the method of Aadhaar Card online registration and other related updates and news.

Different Modes to Get Aadhar Card Application

Every citizen can apply for the Aadhar card at free of cost and obtaining Aadhar Card Application and the following Enrolment Process is very simple. This undergoes a few stages and it starts with the applicant visiting the enrolment center being the first step. The applicant is asked for few necessary documents for identity and proof of address. The biometrics information is also asked for completing the submitting of Aadhar Card application. One can obtain the Aadhar card application form either in two ways as listed below.

  • Download from UIDAI website (Online)
  • Obtain from Aadhar Enrolment Centres (Offline)

What are Steps to be Followed to Apply for Aadhar Card?

Applying for an Aadhar is a voluntary process, but due to its importance and benefits it is advisable that every citizen obtain the unique identity proof. Aadhar Card Application form can be obtained easily from the Aadhar enrolment centres. Obtain Aadhar Card and enjoy its advantages. The applicant can easily apply for the Aadhar card by traveling through the below stages.

1. Visiting the Enrolment Centres

The first step in the applying for Aadhar card,  the applicant should search and visit any nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre. The government has set up many enrolment centers in different areas of the city and one or two centers in the villages to assists the people in obtaining the unique identity easily. The nearest enrolment center can be searched online on the official website of the UIDAI by following the below steps.

UIDAI has provided the applicants with a feature to book an appointment Online for Aadhar Card Registration. The applicant can also book an appointment through the UIDAI official website before visiting the enrolment centre and save time. The time for visiting the enrolment center can be fixed. By booking an appointment for Aadhar registration, the applicant saves a lot of time rather than spending the time standing in the queue. The executive in the enrolment center would assist with all information pertaining to the registration.

2. Filling the Aadhar Card Application Form

The applicant after searching the nearest enrolment center must visit the center and obtain the Aadhar Card Application form. The applicant must fill the form with proper care and provide all the asked details like the name of the applicant, gender, residential address, date of birth, father’s name/husband’s name, mobile number, and email address.

3. Submitting the supporting documents

After filling the Aadhar application form, the applicant must visit the nearest Enrolment Centre with all supporting document copies. The supporting documents must contain one proof of identity and one proof of address. The list of supporting documents which can be submitted along with the application form can be viewed in List of Supporting Documents. Once the applicant is ready with all the supporting document copies and the Aadhar application form, the applicant has to visit the enrolment center. The applicant must provide the copy of supporting documents for proof of address, date of birth, etc. Many documents are accepted for this purpose like PAN Card, driving license, voter id, etc. These copies of the documents must be submitted along with the application form.

4. Providing the biometric information

The applicant will be asked for the biometric information at the enrolment centers. The fingerprints of the applicant, iris, and photo of the applicant are all taken during the application process. For providing the biometric details, it is mandatory that the applicant visits the enrolment center. In the enrolment center, all the biometric devices used for authentication are certified as required and is as per the specifications issued by the UIDAI authority. The applicant is asked to keep the fingers one by one on the sensor for capturing the fingerprints. And also the iris of the applicant is captured using a specific biometric device for this purpose. The photo of the applicant is also taken at enrolment center. All the biometric information are verified and uploaded to the UIDAI database. This capturing of iris and fingerprints of every individual makes this Aadhar card a proof of unique identity.

5. Verification of the Demographic Information

The applicant must submit all the copies of the supporting documents at the time of enrolment. One document copy supporting proof of address and one copy of proof of identity must be submitted. All these KYC document copies are sent to the Central Identities Data Repository which is also called the CIDR. The UIDAI’s CIDR verifies the demographic details and approval is given only if all information is accurate.

6. Obtaining the acknowledgment slip

Once the respective person at the enrolment center, enters all the data in the computer and verifies the details written in the application form, the applicant will be provided with the acknowledgment slip. The applicant must keep this slip until he/she receives the physical Aadhar card as the acknowledgment slip has the Enrolment ID which will be used for Aadhar card status checking and downloading the E-Aadhar.

The Registrar General of India processes the enrolment of Aadhar card at certain states and Union territories in India. Some of these states and Union territories are Meghalaya, Assam, West Bengal, Lakshadweep, etc. The application and enrolment process is the same in all the states of India.

How to Download Aadhar Card Application form through Online Mode?

Applicants can easily download Aadhar Card Application from online in just a click. Downloading from online and filling the Aadhar Application form beforehand saves you time instead of filling in the enrolment centres. It also provides you a chance to recheck the details mentioned. Follow the below steps to obtain Aadhar Card Application form from Online.

  • #1. Visit UIDAI website.
  • #2. Choose “Resources” from the menu.
  • #3. Select “Download Forms”.
  • #4. Click on the “Aadhar Enrolment Form”.

  • #5. Aadhar Application Form gets downloaded in the PDF format.
  • #6. The downloaded file can be printed and duly filled in.

What are the Information to be Filled in the Aadhar Card Application Form?

UIDAI will need certain basic information from the applicant to issue the Aadhar Card with the Aadhar Number. You will have to provide the Demographic and Biometric data. Demographic Information should be filled in by the applicant for which verification process is done after Enrolment. Biometric Information is taken in the enrolment center while submitting the filled document with necessary proofs attached.  
Details to be filled in the Application form are

  • Applicant Name
  • Guardian’s Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Residential Address
  • Additional Information
    • Mobile No./Phone No.
    • Email
  • Financial Information

What are the Supporting Documents Needed to Apply for Aadhar Card?

Like any other Application Procedure, applying for Aadhar Card also needs two basic proofs that is to be attached along with the Application Form. The supporting documents as proof are (i) Proof of Address and (ii) Proof of Identity. Check the link for information on Supporting Documents. On providing the correct and updated details, one can easily obtain the Aadhar card. When the applicants provide the valid proof of address and proof of identity, Aadhar enrolment becomes successful with any rejection. When the Aadhar is applied for a child, the supporting document of either of the parents are to be submitted along with the birth certificate of the child. To apply for any person who do not have proper supporting documents, they can apply with the documents of their head of the family. 

When will the Applicants Obtain their Aadhar Card?

Once the applicant submits all the demographic and biometric information, the UIDAI authority verifies the information. Once the verification is completed and also the information match with the details in data depository, the UIDAI generates the Aadhar card. The applicant will receive the physical Aadhar card through the India Post within 90 days of enrolment. The applicant receives the Aadhar card only after verification of all the provided information. In case the applicant needs the Aadhar card for any purpose before he/she obtains the physical Aadhar card, he/she can download the e-Aadhar from online. The applicant can alternatively  receive Aadhar through mobile SMS, once the Aadhar card is generated. e-Aadhar can be download from the UIDAI database. For more details regarding how to download the Aadhar card, check this link Aadhar Card Download.

Which are the Places where the Aadhar Enrolment is done by Registrar General?

Some states and union territories are there in India, where the aadhar enrolment process is done by the Registrar General of India. But the process of aadhar application is the same like any other place in India. The places are listed below.

  • Assam

  • Meghalaya

  • Arunachal Pradesh

  • Odisha

  • West Bengal

  • Tamil Nadu

  • Dadra and Nagar Haveli

  • Bangalore rural

  • Jammu and Kashmir

  • Lakshadweep

  • Mizoram


Aadhar Card Online Registration

Aadhar card online registration is the process of enrolment of the residents of India for the purpose of obtaining the Aadhar card through Online. For registration process, the applicant must produce the Biometric and Demographic Information and also the applicant must present all the copies of supporting documents. The applicant when registering for the first time can fix an appointment for registration and get the application form in Online mode but have to visit the Aadhar Enrolment Center to give the Biometric Data. Aadhar Card Application Form can be procured either online or by visiting the Enrolment Centre.

  • When an Indian resident wishes to apply for new Aadhar Card he/she can get an appointment for registration process at the nearest enrolment center and also get the form for Registration in Online mode.
  • But, the first-time registration process cannot be done completely in Online mode.
  • The applicant has to visit the Enrolment Center to give the biometric Information and submit the Application form along with the necessary proof attached.
  • The registration process is complete only after the applicant visits the enrolment centers and submit all the required information.

How to get your E-Aadhar?

Once the enrolment steps are completed, the applicant will receive Aadhar card within three months of application. Aadhar card will be sent through the India Post to the applicant’s residence. Meanwhile, if the applicant needs the Aadhar for any purpose, he or she can download it from online. Click on E-Aadhar to know more detailed information. To download e-aadhar, one needs the enrolment number. Follow the below given steps to get your e-aadhar.

  • Visit the UIDAI official website.

  • Choose “Download Aadhar”.

  • Select either enrolment number or aadhar number.

  • Enter the details like name, date and time of application as mentioned in the acknowledgement receipt, pincode and registered mobile number.

  • OTP code will be sent in the registered mobile number.

  • Enter the OTP in the space provided.

  • Once done, you will be able to download your e-Aadhar in pdf format.

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