580 crore rupees sanctioned for construction of railway track to connect Kolkata & Tripura via Bangladesh


Who: Railway track to connect Kolkata & Tripura via Bangladesh
What: 580 crore rupees sanctioned for its construction
When: 10 February 2016

To connect Kolkata with Tripura via Bangladesh through railway, the Union Government on 10 February 2016 sanctioned about 580 crore rupees. The money was sanctioned for constructing the 15-kilometer railway track between Kolkata and Tripura.

The project that is expected to be completed by 2017 will pass through Bangladesh.

The Agartala-Akhaura rail-link between Indian Railway and Bangladesh Railway will reduce the current 1700 km road distance between Kolkata to Agartala via Siliguri to just 350-kilometer by railway.

The project ranks high on Prime Minister’s ‘Act East’ Policy, and is expected to increase connectivity and boost trade between India and Bangladesh.

The two countries had agreed to lay the Agartala-Akhaura rail-link during Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s visit to India in 2010, the modalities of which were finalised during former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visit to Bangladesh in 2011.