4th World Government Summit concluded in Dubai


Who: 4th World Government Summit
Where: Dubai, the UAE
What: Concluded
When: 10 February 2016

The 3-day long annual World Government Summit (WGS) concluded on 10 February 2016 in Dubai, the UAE. The summit was 4th in the series since the launch of WGS in 2013 by the UAE Government.

The 2016 WGS was attended by 4500 participants from more than 130 countries to discuss challenges and opportunities before present and future governments worldwide.

It also provided an opportunity to showcase innovations, best practice and smart solutions to inspire creativity to tackle these future challenges.

Highlights of 2016 World Government Summit

• It discussed key challenges faced by the humanity – climate change, financial inclusion, pension sustainability, education for all, etc.

• Talks and conferences were held on technological solutions and strategies like sustainable development goals, internet of things, virtual health, etc.

• It was attended by around 2500 government officials and heads of multilateral agencies including Secretary-General of the UN Ban Ki-moon.

• During the summit, 2016 Best m-Government Service Awardspresented. Karnataka’s Mobile One project the award in the One Stop App category at the international level.

Edge of Government report was released that captures leading edge case studies of government innovation across the world.

• At the summit, it was announced that the WGS would commence operations as an international organisation and work throughout the year to achieve its global goals.

• While the summit was hosted by the UAE Government, the UN, the World Bank, OECD and World Economic Forum (WEF) were among the list of strategic partners.