Will There Be A 'Virgin River' Season 6? Find Out Here

'Virgin River' Season 6 is confirmed, but there's no set release date due to Hollywood labor strikes.   

by M Nishali | Updated Sep 16, 2023

Will There Be A 'Virgin River' Season 6? Find Out Here

Will There Be A Virgin River Season 6?

Virgin River fans can rejoice because there's confirmation of a Season 6 in the works. The show has gained a huge following, and viewers have grown attached to the characters and their stories. What's even more exciting is that the creators of the series have hinted at the possibility of even more seasons beyond the sixth one.

However, there isn't a set release date for Season 6. Delays have cropped up due to ongoing labor strikes in Hollywood, which involve actors and other professionals in the industry who bring these shows to life. These strikes are about important issues, and until they're resolved, the exact timing of Season 6 remains uncertain. To keep fans engaged while waiting, a second part of Season 5 is set to premiere in November, offering a bit more of the story to enjoy.

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What Will The Virgin River Season 6 About?

The plot of Virgin River Season 6 hasn't been officially revealed yet. However, the TV series is based on a book series by Robyn Carr, so if you've read the books, you might have a clue about what could happen. Also, because Virgin River has been very popular, the creators might come up with new storylines that surprise everyone in Season 6.

The head of drama at Netflix has mentioned that there's a lot more storytelling to explore as long as fans keep enjoying the show, so we can expect some exciting twists and turns.As for the characters, most of the main cast is likely to return, like Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson. So, while we don't have all the details yet, it's safe to say that Virgin River Season 6 will bring more drama, romance, and small town stories that fans have come to love.

Expected Cast In Virgin River Season 6

Here's the expected cast for Virgin River Season 6:



Mel Monroe

Alexandra Breckenridge

Jack Sheridan

Martin Henderson

Dr. Vernon "Doc" Mullins

Tim Matheson

Hope McCrea

Annette O’Toole

John “Preacher” Middleton

Colin Lawrence

Dan Brady

Benjamin Hollingsworth


Sarah Dugdale

Joey Barnes

Jenny Cooper

Brie Sheridan

Zibby Allen

Mike Valenzuela

Marco Grazzini

Charmaine Roberts

Lauren Hammersley

Dr. Cameron Hayek

Mark Ghanimé

Denny Cutler

Kai Bradbury


Teryl Rothery


Nicola Cavendish

Tara Anderson

Stacey Farber

Jo Ellen

Gwynyth Walsh


Chase Petriw

Melissa Montgomery

Barbara Pollard

Kaia Bryant

Kandyse McClure


David Cubitt

When is The Release Date of 'Virgin River’ Season 6

The release date for Virgin River Season 6 has not been determined yet. This is because the production of the new season has been delayed due to ongoing strikes involving writers and actors. Typically, new seasons of the show have aired around 8 to 14 months apart, but with the current delays, it might not be until the end of 2024 or even well into 2025 before Season 6 hits Netflix. Fans will have to wait patiently for further updates on the release date as the situation progresses.

Virgin River Trailer

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Will There Be A 'Virgin River' Season 6 - FAQs

1. Will there be a Season 6 of 'Virgin River'?    

Yes, 'Virgin River' Season 6 has been confirmed.


2.  Why is there a delay in the release of Season 6?    

 Season 6 production has been delayed due to ongoing labor strikes in Hollywood.


3.  When can we expect 'Virgin River' Season 6 to premiere?    

 The exact premiere date is uncertain, but it might be at the end of 2024 or even in 2025 due to the delays.


4. What will 'Virgin River' Season 6 be about?    

 The plot hasn't been officially revealed, but it's based on the book series by Robyn Carr, with potential new storylines.


5.  Which main cast members are expected to return for Season 6?    

 Expected returnees include Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, and many other main cast members.


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