Why is Fletcher Postponing Her Tour Dates? Who is Fletcher? 

Fletcher postpones her tour due to a Lyme disease diagnosis, which has left her feeling unwell for years. Her doctor's recommendation for rest and recovery has led to the decision to prioritize her health over performing.

by Abinaya | Updated Sep 19, 2023

Why is Fletcher Postponing Her Tour Dates? Who is Fletcher? 

Why is Fletcher Postponing Her Tour Dates?

Fletcher is postponing her tour dates because she has been diagnosed with Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness that has been affecting her health. She shared this news on her official Instagram account, explaining that she has been feeling increasingly unwell for the past few years. Her doctor recommended that she take time to rest and recover, making it challenging for her to perform in her current condition.

This decision was not easy for her, as she loves performing and wants to give her fans the best show possible, but her health has become a top priority. In her statement, Fletcher also mentioned that Lyme disease has not only impacted her physically but has also caused concerns about her voice, which is her primary means of expression as a singer.


Who is Fletcher? 

Fletcher, whose full name is Cari Elise Fletcher, is an American pop singer known by her stage name "FLETCHER." She was born on March 19, 1994. Fletcher gained recognition in the music industry with her breakthrough single "Undrunk," which was released in January 2019. This song marked a significant milestone in her career, becoming her first single to chart on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100.


Notably, "Undrunk" also achieved the top spot on Spotify's Viral Chart in the United States. It was featured on her second extended play (EP) titled "You Ruined New York City for Me." The success of "Undrunk" was remarkable, as it became the fastest-rising song at pop radio for a new artist since 2014, according to Mediabase. Fletcher's journey in music began with her debut single as a solo artist, "War Paint," which was released in June 2015.

Her single "Wasted Youth" in 2016 reached No. 1 on Billboard's Emerging Artist Chart, further solidifying her presence in the music scene. In recognition of her accomplishments, Fletcher was named on Forbes's 2022 "30 Under 30" list. She continued to make strides in her career with the release of her debut album, titled "Girl of My Dreams," in 2022. Fletcher's talent and dedication have positioned her as a prominent figure in the pop music industry.

Full Name

Cari Elise Fletcher

Date of Birth

March 19, 1994

Age 29

Place of Birth

Asbury Park, New Jersey, U.S.

Alma Mater

New York University



Years Active







Capitol Records

Fletcher Early Life 

Fletcher was born in Asbury Park, New Jersey, to her parents Bob and Noreen (née Napolitani) Fletcher. Her father was a car dealership owner, while her mother worked as a flight attendant. At just five years old, Fletcher embarked on her musical journey by starting vocal lessons. In 2012, she graduated from Wall High School in Wall Township, New Jersey. During her high school years, she also enjoyed playing women's volleyball.

Following her high school graduation, she pursued her passion for music by enrolling at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University (NYU). Although she briefly took a year-long break to fully dedicate herself to music in Nashville, Tennessee, she returned to NYU and successfully completed her studies in 2016. Today,

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Fletcher Career

Fletcher's career began to take shape in 2011 when she participated in the first season of The X Factor. During the boot camp round, Simon Cowell grouped her with fellow contestants Hayley Orrantia, Paige Elizabeth Ogle, and Dani Knights to form the group Lakoda Rayne under the mentorship of Paula Abdul. Although they showed promise, the group disbanded after being eliminated from the competition.

In 2015, Fletcher made a pivotal move to Nashville, Tennessee, where she collaborated with producer Jamie Kenney, leading to the release of her single "War Paint." The song gained significant attention on Spotify, and in 2016, Spotify recognized her as a rising independent artist by adding her to their Spotify Spotlight list. Her independent journey continued, and she released her debut EP, "Finding Fletcher," in September 2016.

In August 2018, Fletcher took a major step in her career by signing with Capitol Records, a prominent Los Angeles-based label. Her breakthrough came with the release of "Undrunk" on January 25, 2019, which marked her debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The year was filled with notable performances at events like the Bonnaroo Music Festival, Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival, and Lollapalooza.

She followed up with singles like "If You're Gonna Lie" and "About You." In August 2019, Fletcher released her second EP, "You Ruined New York City for Me," featuring her previous releases and two new tracks, "All Love" and "Strangers." Fletcher's journey included touring as an opening act for Niall Horan before the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted their plans.

Continuing her musical evolution, she released the EP "The S(ex) Tapes" in September 2020, sharing the raw emotions of a post-breakup period. Her musical ventures culminated in the release of her debut album, "Girl of My Dreams," on September 16, 2022, which made an impressive debut at number fifteen on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Fletcher Discography




Finding Fletcher (EP)


You Ruined New York City for Me (EP)


"Undrunk" (Single)


"Bitter" (Single)


"Forever" (Single)


"Shh... Don't Say It" (Single)


"Healing" (Single)


Girl of My Dreams (Album)

Fletcher Television




The X Factor


The L Word: Generation Q


Miley's New Year's Eve Party

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Why Is Fletcher Postponing Her Tour Dates - FAQs

1. Why has Fletcher decided to postpone her "Girl of My Dreams Tour" across Europe and Oceania?

Fletcher has postponed her tour due to her recent diagnosis of Lyme disease. She has been increasingly ill for the past few years, and her doctor recommended that she rest and recuperate, making it impossible for her to perform in her current condition.

2. How did Fletcher announce the postponement of her tour?

Fletcher announced the postponement on her official Instagram account, where she shared her diagnosis of Lyme disease and explained her health struggles. She expressed her desire to give her fans the best show possible when she is fully recovered.

3. What is the plan for those who already purchased tickets for Fletcher's original tour dates?

Tickets for the original tour dates will be honored at the rescheduled dates. Detailed information will be provided to ticketholders through direct emails in the coming days. Additionally, refunds will be available for those who wish to request them.

4. What impact has Lyme disease had on Fletcher's life, both physically and emotionally?

Lyme disease has taken a toll on Fletcher's physical health, and it has also caused concerns for her voice, which is crucial for her career in music. She described how the disease has worn on her soul, as singing is her greatest passion.

5. Who is Fletcher? 

Fletcher, whose full name is Cari Elise Fletcher, is an American pop singer.

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