Why Does Spotify Keep Pausing? How to Fix Spotify Keep Pausing?

Discover why Spotify pauses unexpectedly and learn how to troubleshoot common issues, ensuring uninterrupted music and podcast listening experiences.

by B Kishwar

Updated Mar 30, 2024

Why Does Spotify Keep Pausing? How to Fix Spotify Keep Pausing?

Why Does Spotify Keep Pausing? 

Spotify may take a break for several reasons. Occasionally, a bad internet connection causes the streaming to stop. In other cases, there can be an issue with the program itself. Spotify may have pauses due to system overload when too many users utilize it simultaneously.

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Additionally, your device may have trouble running Spotify smoothly if its memory is full. And last, stopping may also result from out-of-date app versions. You can update the app, clear out any background apps, clear up space on your smartphone, and improve your internet connection to resolve these problems.

How to Fix Spotify Keep Pausing?

Take it easy if Spotify keeps stopping when you're listening to your favorite songs! You can get the effortless flow of your music with a few simple fixes. Let's discuss a few easy fixes for this problem.

Check if Someone Else is Using Your Account

  • Verify if a different individual is using your account.
  • Someone else may be using your account on a different device if your Spotify suddenly pauses.
  • To view the devices that are currently in use, click or tap the speaker icon in Spotify. They can be automatically disconnected.
  • If you think there has been unwanted access, make sure you log out of all devices.

Ensure Other Apps Aren't Interrupting

  • Spotify may be automatically stopped by some apps, such as games or films. Verify whether any recently opened apps are causing issues.
  • To avoid interruptions when using Spotify, change the settings of these apps or close them.

Resolve Discord Interference (Windows)

  • Spotify may cause issues if you use a PC and Discord is open at the same time. Use Task Manager to end Discord services.

Allow Spotify to Run in the Background

  • Spotify can at times stop while it's minimized or idle due to device settings. Navigate to the settings on your device and allow Spotify to operate in the background.

Check Your Connection Stability

  • Spotify may be interrupted due to unstable internet or Bluetooth connectivity. Check your internet speed, move closer to the Wi-Fi access point, and make sure your Bluetooth devices are within range.

Clear Spotify Cache

  • Interruptions can occur from Spotify's corrupted cache files. To fix this, go into Spotify settings and clear the cache.

Update or Reinstall Spotify

  • Check for upgrades in your desktop app or app store if none of the above solutions work. For a new start, think about reinstalling Spotify if there isn't an update available.
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