Why did Brawadis and Jasmine Break Up? What Happened to Youtube Brawadis and Jasmine

The breakup between YouTuber Brawadis (Brandon Awadis) and his girlfriend Jasmine has left fans wondering about the undisclosed reasons behind their split, as Brandon chose not to delve into specifics in his YouTube breakup video.

by Abinaya | Updated Sep 22, 2023

Why did Brawadis and Jasmine Break Up? What Happened to Youtube Brawadis and Jasmine

Why did Brawadis and Jasmine Break Up?

The YouTuber Brawadis, whose real name is Brandon Awadis, recently announced his breakup with his girlfriend, Jasmine, on social media. However, the exact reasons for their split remain somewhat mysterious. In his breakup video on YouTube, Brawadis did not go into detail about what caused the end of their relationship, leaving many of his fans curious.

He simply mentioned that it "wasn't meant to be" and that the relationship didn't work out. Despite being a public figure, Brawadis chose to keep the specifics of the breakup private, perhaps to respect his and Jasmine's personal feelings. Some fans have speculated that their separation might be linked to old videos of Jasmine with her ex-boyfriend that surfaced online.

However, without more information from Brawadis or Jasmine, it's challenging to pinpoint the exact reasons behind their breakup. While fans may be curious, it's essential to remember that relationships can be complex, and sometimes, people decide to part ways for various personal reasons that they may not wish to share publicly.

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Who is Brawadis?

Brandon Awadis, widely recognized as Brawadis, is a well-known figure in the world of YouTube and social media. Born in San Diego in 1995, he comes from a family of influencers and is the younger brother of fellow YouTuber FaZe Rug, who often collaborates with him on various videos. Brawadis gained immense popularity on his YouTube channel, which boasts over 6 million subscribers and has accumulated more than 1.8 billion views from his engaging content.


Aside from his online presence, Brawadis has a deep passion for basketball, particularly as a fan of the Phoenix Suns. He even serves as the Phoenix Suns Team Manager for VAVEL, showcasing his commitment to the sport. With aspirations of becoming an NBA analyst, Brandon has carved out a niche for himself in the digital world, combining his love for basketball with entertaining content for his dedicated followers. His journey on YouTube began in 2015, and since then, he has continued to captivate audiences with his reaction videos, pranks, challenges, vlogs, and more.



Full Name

Brandon Awadis



Birth date

June 23, 1995



Zodiac Sign



5' 10.8"

Net Worth

$4.5 million

Brawadis Early Life

Brandon Awadis, widely recognized as Brawadis in the online world, had a humble beginning. Born to Ron and Sana Awadis, also known as Papa Rug and Mama Rug, he grew up in San Diego. During his high school years, a deep love for basketball began to flourish within him, a passion that continues to burn brightly in his life. This love for the sport would later shape his professional journey.

When he headed to college, he pursued journalism with a focus on media studies, nurturing his dream of becoming an NBA analyst. It was on April 3, 2015, that Brandon took his first step into the world of social media by launching his YouTube channel, "Brawadis." Initially, he shared content centered around basketball analysis, leveraging his passion and knowledge.

Over time, his channel evolved to include a diverse range of leisure content, including comedy and challenges. A year later, he established another YouTube channel, "BrawadisNBA," dedicated exclusively to basketball-related content.  Today, he stands as a successful YouTuber, boasting a robust community of nearly six million followers. His work is often likened to that of renowned blogger and YouTuber David Dobrik. While his previous relationship with Jackie Figueroa added to his celebrity status, it concluded in 2017.

Brawadis Career

Brandon Awadis, popularly known as Brawadis, embarked on his digital journey in 2013 when he first dipped his toes into the world of social media through Vine. However, it was in 2015, following the closure of Vine, that he made his grand entrance into YouTube. This platform became the canvas for his creativity and content creation endeavors. As his online presence grew, Brawadis found his niche in the realm of sports, particularly basketball.

Leveraging his journalistic skills, he ventured into sports commentary and analysis, establishing himself as a reputable source of basketball insights. This phase marked a significant chapter in his career, where his love for the game seamlessly integrated with his digital persona. In 2022, Brawadis reached another milestone in his journey as he assumed the role of a staff writer at "VAVEL," an international sports newspaper.  This opportunity allowed him to further delve into the world of sports journalism, cementing his status as a multifaceted content creator with a passion for sports and storytelling.

Who is Jasmine?

Jasmine, also known as @babyjasss on Instagram, is a 25-year-old individual who was in a relationship with YouTuber Brawadis (Brandon Awadis). While she gained some attention due to her association with Brandon, she also had her own presence on social media. Jasmine and Brandon frequently featured on each other's social media pages, sharing moments from their relationship with their followers.

Brandon introduced Jasmine to his parents in a video posted in March 2023, indicating that their relationship was significant to both of them. As their relationship became more public, questions and rumors about Jasmine's past surfaced, including whether she had been married or engaged before and whether she had children. In response to the speculation and scrutiny from Brandon's followers, Jasmine shared an Instagram story to clarify the rumors and set the record straight. Despite the attention that came with dating a prominent YouTuber, Jasmine preferred to keep her personal life private and did not comment on the breakup, requesting not to appear in any breakup-related content on YouTube.


What Happened To Youtube Brawadis And Jasmine?

YouTube personality Brawadis, also known as Brandon Awadis, and his girlfriend Jasmine recently broke up, as announced in a video titled "we broke up" on Brandon's YouTube channel. However, the specific details of their breakup remain undisclosed, leaving fans curious about the reasons behind their separation.

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Why did Brawadis and Jasmine Break Up - FAQ

1. Why did Brawadis and Jasmine break up?

The exact reasons for their breakup have not been revealed. Brawadis mentioned in a breakup video that it "wasn't meant to be" and didn't provide specific details.

2. Who is Brawadis?

Brawadis, whose real name is Brandon Awadis, is a popular YouTuber known for his basketball content and entertaining videos. He has over 6 million subscribers and a deep passion for the Phoenix Suns.

3. What is Brawadis' early life like?

Brandon Awadis grew up in San Diego, developed a love for basketball in high school, and pursued journalism in college. He started his YouTube journey in 2015 with basketball analysis and later diversified his content.

4. What is Brawadis' career timeline?

Brawadis began with Vine in 2013, shifted to YouTube in 2015, where he focused on basketball content. In 2022, he became a staff writer for "VAVEL," an international sports newspaper.

5. What happened between Brawadis and Jasmine?

Brawadis and Jasmine broke up, but the specific reasons behind their separation haven't been disclosed. Some speculation arose from old videos of Jasmine with her ex-boyfriend, but no official statement has been made.

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