Who is Tristan Phipps Dating? Who is Tristan Phipps Girlfriend?

Who is Tristan Phipps Dating? Discover the mystery behind his dating life and find out who is he currently dating or who Tristan Phipps' girlfriend is with this informative article.

by Harini | Updated Jun 09, 2023

Who is Tristan Phipps Dating? Who is Tristan Phipps Girlfriend?

Who is Tristan Phipps dating? 

Fans are highly engaged with the ongoing 25th series of Made In Chelsea, which revolves around the lives of the SW3 gang. However, there seems to be some behind-the-scenes drama involving two popular cast members.

Tristan Phipps and Olivia Bentley have had a tumultuous relationship in the past. Despite this, when they reconciled and moved in together, many believed they would have a happily ever after.

However, Tristan dropped some hints suggesting a potential split, and now Olivia has confirmed the sad news. Taking to her Instagram Story, Olivia informed her fans: "Just to clarify and address all the comments and messages, Tristan and I are no longer together. It ended amicably, and I wish him all the best."

Before Olivia's announcement, fans had already suspected a breakup due to several hints dropped by Tristan. During a recent trip to the gym, he could be heard saying, "Why is the gym playing break-up music? I've been listening to this for the last few weeks. I don't need to listen to this in the gym."

Adding to the speculation, Tristan shared in an Instagram video that he's currently "in-between houses," leading fans to believe that he and Liv had indeed split.

Although the pair haven't posted any content together on social media since February, they still follow each other and have kept their old loved-up photos online.

Other celebrity splits in 2023 include Gary Lucy and Laura Anderson, Marilyse Corrigan and Matt Murray, Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, and Amber Turner and Dan Edgar.

Who is Tristan phipps Girlfriend?

Viewers of the E4 reality show Made in Chelsea have witnessed the on-again, off-again relationship between Tristan Phipps and Liv unfold. After initially breaking up in 2021, the couple rekindled their romance a few months later. In recent episodes, they seemed to be strengthening their bond and even resolved their feud with co-stars Maeva D'Ascanio and James Taylor.

However, on Monday, Tristan shared a video from the gym in which he made a cryptic comment about his relationship. He questioned why the gym was playing "break-up music" and expressed his fatigue from hearing it for the past few weeks.

At the time of writing, there have been no official statements from Tristan or Liv's representatives regarding their current relationship status. In 2021, Liv announced their split in a dramatic statement, expressing that they had been apart for a while. She also requested privacy and asked not to be informed about Tristan's activities.

Liv, known for her appearance on Celebs Go Dating, has previously discussed the challenges in their relationship. Following a heated argument during a night out, she mentioned that although they had minor disagreements, they tended to drift apart instead of addressing their issues directly.

Trissten phipps Dating History

Tristan Phipps' dating history includes several notable relationships within the Chelsea circle. Here is a timeline of his romantic connections:

  1. Emma Wills: Tristan was initially introduced on the show as the ex-boyfriend of Emma Wills, who had a brief stint in series 13. Emma was also known for her relationship with Julius.
  2. Sophie 'Habbs' Habboo: Tristan pursued a romantic relationship with Sophie Habboo, but his efforts were thwarted when Sam Thompson, another cast member, won her affections. However, Sophie eventually left Sam and is now in a relationship with Jamie Laing.
  3. Laura Crane: In 2018, Tristan ventured outside the Chelsea dating pool and began dating Laura Crane, who gained fame from her time on Love Island. Their relationship lasted for nine months before they decided to part ways following a trip to Bali.
  4. Verity Bowditch: Tristan's next love interest was Verity Bowditch, who had experienced some romantic turbulence with James Taylor. They dated for about seven months but ended their relationship during the first lockdown.
  5. Liv Bentley: In a surprising turn of events, Tristan went public on Instagram with Liv Bentley, a brunette cast member who was previously friends with Verity. They appeared to be going strong for two series, but earlier this year, they broke up. Liv subsequently rekindled her romance with Digby Edgley, while Tristan found himself single and ready to mingle.
  6. Nicole Berry: During series 22, shortly after his split from Liv, Tristan has been romantically linked to Chelsea newcomer Nicole Berry. While they haven't made their relationship official on Instagram, viewers can expect drama to.


Tristan Phipps Instagram

Tristan is an active user of social media, particularly Instagram, where he shares glimpses into his adventurous and luxurious lifestyle. He describes himself as a nature lover, adventurer, and fitness enthusiast, and his social media posts truly reflect these passions.

On his Instagram feed, Tristan showcases his outdoor adventures, including trips to various locations around the world such as Tanzania, Mexico, and Bali. Additionally, he shares his fitness journey, offering updates and glimpses of his workouts in the gym. As a fashion enthusiast, Tristan also posts images of his favorite outfits, highlighting his interest in men's fashion.

Who is Tristan Phipps? 

Tristan Phipps, a former safari guide, has made a name for himself as a well-known TV personality, particularly through his role on E4's reality show, Made In Chelsea. Since joining the cast in series 16, Tristan has gained popularity and his career has flourished.

One notable aspect of Tristan's public persona is his relationship with fellow Made In Chelsea co-star Olivia Bentley. The couple's dating status has been a subject of interest among fans of the show.

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Who is Tristan Phipps Dating: FAQs

1. Q: Who is Tristan Phipps?    

Tristan Phipps is a British TV personality known for his appearance on the reality show "Made In Chelsea." He joined the cast during series 16 and has since become a popular member of the show.

2.  Is Tristan Phipps dating anyone? 

Tristan Phipps is currently dating his co-star Olivia Bentley from "Made In Chelsea." They have been in a relationship for some time now.

3. What does Tristan Phipps share on social media? 

Tristan Phipps is an active user of Instagram, where he shares various aspects of his life

4. What was Tristan Phipps' occupation before appearing on "Made In Chelsea"?  

 Prior to joining "Made In Chelsea," Tristan Phipps worked as a safari guide, showcasing his knowledge and expertise in wildlife and nature.

5.  Where has Tristan Phipps traveled to? 

Tristan Phipps has traveled to various destinations around the world, including Tanzania, Mexico, and Bali. He often shares photos and stories from his adventures on his social media platforms.

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